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Nigel Is Really Rattling Them

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youngmafbog | 14:15 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | News
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Excellent, we see it on here, but this is more mindless violence from the left.

No doubt the usual will find this ok



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Latest electoral calculus predicts Reform will win ....ONE seat!


That's Clacton stuffed then.

And you still haven't thought it through, Gulliver.  πŸ˜‚

nigel farage says he wants to cut £50 billion in public spending... but can't say which services will be cut. 

He also wants "net zero" immigration and thinks that we could achieve that while cutting taxes and without borrowing


I just googled his plans for cuts in public spending, untitled.  It's not difficult to find.

Assault is assault. It shows what a sick sick condition the system is if one excuse for the assault results in four times the sentence than another. But probably to be expected, unfortunately.

// He grabbed a can and a coffee cup from the bin here and threw them. There was no cement. //

On the video, Farage just laughs.

Good luck proving assault and getting a conviction from that.

// A Donald Trump fundraiser in London, where his eldest son will be the star guest, has already clocked up $2m (£1.57m) in donations before it takes place on Tuesday, according to organisers.

Farage will take a break from campaigning in the general election to attend the event along with American Republicans, including people who served in the last Trump White House and some tipped for roles if he wins again. //

I'm unworried by millkshakes, but chucking solid objects is, well objectionable.

However, it's the Tories who are rattled.

The people opposing him should stand for election themselves if they have a problem (which they clearly have).

perhaps they don't have the £500 needed to enter a democratic election.

It's only the Tories that are rattled, because he's taking votes off them.

Lefties just like throwing stuff at him, which I don't condone, whether it's hard objects or milkshakes.

Probably the wrong thread, but 'only the Tories who are rattled by him', is fair enough re. Farage.

However - it's gone very quiet regarding The Worker's Party and I would expect that that is rattling Labour sotto voce.  Imagine if enough of The Worker's Party (TWP from now on) voted against Labour in a seat where the Tories were in free-fall - the ones catching the votescast could well be Reform.  Just saying.


Labour are showing no worry whatever about the Workers' Party: it's possible they may lose Muslim votes and if every Muslim north of Watford votes the same way (rather implausible) they might even win a seat or two. Personally, I'm putting no money on it.

I've never heard of TWP. The greens will get any wayward Labour votes.

I'm a lefty. I don't condone violence or humiliation against anyone, including Farage or Tories. It would be good to see the Cons relegated to a tiny corner of the Commons.  Come Election Day, there will enough trads to just vote as they always have. 

Cloverjo 22.47 I  think that tiny corner of the commons reserved for the Tory MPs after the election will be more than adequate for the few that will be sitting there.

Let's hope so, Gulliver. I've got my popcorn and coffee ready to see in the results on 4th July. 😐

Good Luck Cloverjo....enjoyπŸ˜‚.

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Nigel Is Really Rattling Them

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