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Why Is Nothing Still Being Done To Stop This?

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youngmafbog | 14:17 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | News
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Child sex grooming gangs STILL cast a shadow over Rotherham.

When will we get some law and order? 

When will Police do the job they are paid for?



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Because they are muslims and the fluffy bunny wonder muslims must be protected at all costs.

social cohesion, same with stop and search, sure the police know who the abusers are, or thye are told not to do anything.

Because the left would rather see young white girls being abused and raped rather that face up to the consequences of their failed multicultural experiment. 

Sadly its not just Rotherham but Bradford, Salford, Bolton... basically anywhere the population is lots of young men who are sons of fairly wealthy 'businessmen'. Their sons don't have the intellect or the interest to go into their Fathers business because they're currently given everything including flash Audi's to prowl the streets looking for young flesh. I doubt the problem will ever go away as Social Services are as much to blame. Those children (girls) run rings around care home staff as in "you can't punish me" and they go out at any hour of day or night with money given them by staff. The answer is to get all those girls in foster care, taught some self- worth and anyone found behaving in a predatory manner needs putting on the sex offenders register 

These pond-life scum think it's OK because Mohammad married a child of six and had sexual intercourse with her when she was nine.

They walk among us, and we still let them in.

I've just been reading the 'Constitution' papers of Isis which was discovered 5 years ago when it collapsed (courtesy of the USA).

You wouldn't believe what they found acceptable, even morally correct for how they envisaged the perfect Islamic state.   

And there are still those among us will try to make excuses for them.

Dave - I will donate £100  to a charity of your choice, if you show me one post from anyone on here supporting or defending child exploitation gangs of any culture. 

If you are referring to the wider community, and I don't believe anyone supports this horrendous practice there either, then you should make that clear in your post.

Khandro - This has nothing to do with religious observance. 

And everything to do with the average Muslim male's fundamental disregard and absence of respect, for women and girls generally, and white women and girls in particular. 

These men ate able to exploit vulnerable children, often in care, by appearing to offer them the comfort and support lacking in their lives.

An overstretched and underfunded care system is unable to provide the levels of support and supervision needed, the police are wary of 'racism', and authorities are willing to turn a proverbial blind eye.

That creates the perfect storm they thrive in, and it will continue until the will, the real will, not the political promise, to tackle it.

And there remains no sign of that anytime soon.

And that's a tragedy we as a society, should be deeply ashamed of.

Someone in the wider community is definitely supporting it - if they weren't it wouldn't be happening.

andy-hughes; //Khandro - This has nothing to do with religious observance.// 

'The Quran and authentic Hadiths both directly and indirectly declare women to be frivolous, unintelligent, ungrateful, and religiously and legally disabled as a result. The attitudes towards women these ideas give rise to have underpinned Islamic thinking and Islamic law ever since Muhammad's time and the founding of Islam in the deeply patriarchal culture of tribal 7th-century Arabia, where and when these ideas found ample precedent.

Among the beliefs and rulings resulting from the Islamic doctrine of women being, as a rule, less intelligent and religious than men are the halved value of female testimony in a Sharia court compared to that of a man and the doctrine that the majority of Hell's inhabitants are women.

While in modern times many Islamic modernists a few Islamic traditionalists have countered these traditional doctrines, the unusually explicit and straightforward nature of the scriptures concerned as well as their direct reference to one another has made it difficult for these new perspectives to gain much purchase beyond certain limited circles. The mainstream understanding, meanwhile, continues to remain firmly on the side of the traditional and classical authorities.'

 Some of us have studied the subject and actually read the Koran, I suggest you try before making such assertions.

As khandro says, you can't separate this from the religion.

Naomi - I'm unsure that tacit support is there, but the turning of too many blind eyes is guaranteed. 

It's a different mindset.

16:27, well judging by the following posts dave you've got the apologists for Islam's attention.

// many more trials are in the pipeline – casting a continued shadow over the area. //. 
We are getting law and order, unfortunately very slowly.

// you can't separate this from the religion [Islam]. //

You didn"t read the link did you...   

// local people, including victims, say they believe criminals are still grooming and abusing the young – this time involving gangs from a swathe of ethnicities rather than just groups of mainly Pakistani Muslim men. //

I read your link, gromit.  My post stands.

If only the apologists like AH and Gromit would engage the same passion they employ to defend Muslims to support their own country occasionally.

I am not defending muslims.  
The Daily Mail article points out that gangs of other ethnicities are abusing the vulnerable.  
You should be concentrating on what the victims say, not your own obsession with Islam.

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