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Hymie | 17:46 Wed 17th Jan 2024 | News
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Make up your own mind on day’s proceedings, rather than have the Tories tell you what you should think.




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Rishi Sunak doesn't like to - or can't - answer a direct question about where the missing people have gone.

I rarely watch pmqt but I'm reliably informed that sir beer has had his April handed to him on every previous occasion, so that must be the case here.

Please explain to a simple West Country man what 'April' refers to here:

....'sir beer has had his April handed to him'....

Is it rhyming slang for April Fool or April Showers?


April in Paris.

"April in Paris" rhymes with, "Aris"

"Aris" is short for "Aristotle".

"Aristotle" rhymes with, "bottle".

"Bottle" is short for, "bottle and glass".

Depending on your accent, "glass" rhymes with, "ass" or "***".


I think PMQs is a pointless exercise bringing ridicule on the House Of Commons. It's just a yah boo session of childish insults being thrown 

Hopkirk 21.37.  Spot on ..agree with you.

Yes I agree also, just a load of tit for tat. Like little stupid kids in a play ground.

The Speaker or Deputy Speakers should have the power to insist points raised in any questions asked in the Commons are addressed rather than ignored.

//It's just a yah boo session of childish insults being thrown//

Much like answerbank. We keep coming back though despite not being paid for it as they are.

Yeh but where are the 4,250 missing imigrants? 

My guess 10cs is we've always had large numbers of missing migrants; it's just that we never used to have any way of counting them

^ IMmigrants

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