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Harry The Uk Is My Home

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fender62 | 18:35 Thu 07th Dec 2023 | News
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claimed he was 'forced' to step back from royal duties and leave for the US. now that is a lie, it was a choice and nothong to do with security, but about leaving royal duties, megain didn't like to have to do duties, no money in it, house to small etc.




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Rubbish, it was his choice to step back. Security only became an issue after he had done this 

I wouldn't believe this bloke or his Mrs if they told me today's date - I'd have to check a newspaper.

Puke puke arggh.

I'll pass you the  bucket, retrocop.


That article is laughable. How can he be concerned for his children's safety? Nobody knows what they look like.

Out of curiosity, when was the last time a Royal was assassinated in this country?

You have to be a working Royal if you want protection, and she has stated she never wants to come back to this country so is he planning on coming to live and work here on his own?

well, he did several tours of Afghanistan in his country's uniform, so he's entitled to call the UK home, he's served it.

I wonder what AB's valiant keyboard warriors have done for their country?

jno, just because you fight for your country, you shouldn't expect to live off privileges you're not entitled to.

He is not a working royal and those are the rules, so unless someone changes the rules, he's just not entitled.

Question Author

let's not forget harry barked about killing x amount of taliban. maybe get away with that one if they were defeated, but still a soldier does not blab about such things.

I do not necessarily trust what the DM says and it is possible comments are taken out of context.  I'll wait until I see the judgment.

He IS a prince of the blood royal and he DID serve his country.  There is no doubt that he and his family are targets from anyone to oddball nutcases to organised terrorists. 

However, what I have heard out of their own mouths over the last couple of years does make me have reservations about the narrative that they trot out.  His security was NOT completely removed and he would be provided with appropriate security when in this country.  It may not have been the security he would have liked, but his position would have been assessed by the experts at the time.  He may be the King's son but he is now 5th in line to the throne and it is not a bottomless pit.

I read some, believe far less, of what's written in the various media portals but I seem to remember P H being told he could have protection if he paid for it.

He can pay for private protection but he expected to be able to pay for police protection - and he can't.  The police aren't for sale.   He's been told that when he's in this country appropriate protection will be provided.

Put him up on a Scottish remote island.:0)))

As I understand it, the couple's protection is going to be assessed on a case by case basis, each time they visit the UK, which, given that they are domiciled abroad, does not appear unreasonable.

They have not been denied protection is is appropriate to their status in the Royal Family, they simply do not merit the automatic levels of protection assigned to working Royals who live in the UK.

That does not seem to me to be unreasonable.

Yet again, Harry is seeing himself as a victim, and looking for evidence to back up that perception, even when, in this situation, the evidence is clearly not there to be offered.

Have just watched footage of the Prince and Princess of Wales arriving at Westminster Abbey for the annual carol service which I believe the Princess of Wales organises each year.

They were greeted at the entrance to the Abbey by 2 church 'leaders' who escorted them in. I'm sure the place would have been thoroughly searched before they arrived and security would be there but not made too obvious.

I cannot envisage a time when Harry and Meghan and their children would ever do this unless there are armed police behind them. 

// security would be there but not made too obvious. //

indeed. security for royals (and politicians) is not of the meat-mountain-highly-visible type favoured by celebrities, but will be the lean wiry guy that the perp didn't even notice and will be on top of them before they even realise they've been seen....

UK is Harry's home?

why are we forced to read this sort of pornography and donwright filth on a family site like AB ?

yeah a tumbril labelled "Royal Protection Car" and women or lithe men dressed as sans-culottes - only the just have knitting and no fire-arms.

note ay  hev seen madder on AB

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Harry The Uk Is My Home

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