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A Step Too Far From Harry?

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naomi24 | 11:10 Wed 01st Mar 2023 | News
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Following the publication of his book 'Spare', Harry said that he and his wife will not be attending the Coronation unless they receive an apology from the King and the Prince of Wales, something that, allegedly, neither are willing to offer.

It is now reported that they have been given notice to quit Frogmore Cottage, leaving them with no permanent home in the UK.

Is it finally the end of the line for Harry & Meghan?


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I hope so.
//Buckingham Palace issued an eviction notice to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex days after Harry's memoir Spare - in which he made a series of sensational claims against the Royal Family - hit UK shelves in January, according to The Sun.//

There is absolutely o evidence to this at all
Frogmore cottage will possibly go to one of Andrews daughters, Harry will probably have an apartment allocated at Kensington palace, something Meghan apparently refused at the time of the wedding as not grand enough.
let them stay in Claridges ..and pay..they wanted to leave after all !
I think He is under the impression that people and/or the Royal family could care less.
I doubt it Rowan. They are both extremely wealthy and with a growing family, it would be too small for them.
Question Author
//Frogmore cottage will possibly go to one of Andrews daughters//

Apparently Charles wants Andrew to have that. Word has it that Andrew has been asked to leave Royal Lodge.
Naomi, I can't imagine P. Andrew would want to leave the sprawling estate he has now to go and live at Frogmore Cottage, but beggars can't be choosers.
Question Author
RH, practically all the papers are reporting it, as is the Sussex's biographer, Omid Scobie.
I'm sure most people have got more important concerns going on in their lives , to be bothered about the goings on of the RF
I don't think space at KP is a problem. when William and Kate lived there they had three floors, three bedrooms and two nursery rooms. As well as a suite of offices. Since they moved out they wouldn't even risk bumping into each other.
Wonder who Royal Lodge would go to?
NAOMI, "practically all the papers are reporting it" are they not just quoting the Sun and its unnamed "insider"?
It all sounds like more gossip and unfounded claims.
Question Author
No idea, corby, I've only read the headlines of the rest. Since Omid Scobie is complaining about it though, I tend to think it's probably accurate.

Rowan, I wonder if that's being earmarked for William and Kate? It's a lot bigger than the house they have at the moment.
Scobie is an un-official biographer and in his piece on yahoo!news to-day, he has a link to the report in the Sun.
Papers must be struggling for any sort of story to boost sales. Meghan & Harry? that should do it.
Question Author
//Scobie is an un-official biographer //

Right .....
I can't imagine Harry's wife coming back to this country, even for a visit.

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A Step Too Far From Harry?

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