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Prince Harry's cover blown in Afghanistan

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AB Asks | 11:06 Fri 29th Feb 2008 | News
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Prince Harry's planned tour of Iraq was cancelled last year for fears that he would put himself and his colleagues at serious risk. However, it has now been revealed that Harry has spent the past 10 weeks serving in Helmand Province. The whole deployment was kept a secret as part of a media blackout deal agreed across the UK, this was done in order to prevent details getting through to the Taliban and which may put Harry and his comrades at risk even more risk. There are now discussions as to whether or not he should be withdrawn and brought home. What do you think? Should he be allowed to stay or is it too risky?


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Like all the other grunts in the firing line Harry is just doing his duty. He knows the risks and is prepared to lay it all on the line. Good luck to him, My only worry is ... what would be the reaction back in Britain if the worst happened and he was captured or killed.
No-one wondered why he hadnt be in the media for ten weeks, guess we dont miss him much. If it had been Amy Winehouse or Pete Docherty we'd have sussed it within the first week.
i think the Americans who broke the news should be ashamed of themselves. Down with the U.S.A
Maybe the news was broken just to get him home ?
2 thoughts-he is happy 'cos there were no Papperazi and he could lead a Normal life-with a BBC crew following him ?? ALL our boys are Targets or does anyone think that the taliban only shoot at royals ?
I think the news has just broke that he is coming home. Bit daft sending him in the first place I reckon. Who are they kidding that he is doing a proper job? There must be more SAS special forces embedded in his platoon looking after him than normal troops.
I think you are confusing me with someone who gives a damn.
I would say he is as important as any other soldiers serving there. They are all someone's Father, Brother, Son, or Husband / Boyfriend. At least Harry has no children to worry about in case if he gets shot. I believe every life is equally important.
As advised, Harry is on his way home because of the security issues involved in keeping him on the front line.

Gordon brown says " ...the country owes him a debt of gratitude..."


Harry lives an utterly privelidged life purely by an accident of birth. He is not sufficiently accademic or blessed with enough charisma or personality to make him useful as any kind of ambassador, so he chooses to play at being a soldier - and for all his wind and bluster that is what he is doing.

I think the entire notion of being a soldier is morally dubious - the fact that the Prime Minister chooses only to single out the higest profile one demonstrates the increasing bankrupt moral stance of the UK government abroad.

Of course Harry shouldn't be a Taliban target - bu he's not alone is he?
Harry joined the army...therefore he should expect to be deployed as necessary. However, the fact that he was there at all would obviously put his comrades at more risk than already exists. It was very selfish of him to go and put his comrades in that extra danger.

Of course, we should be used to the so called elite getting what they want no matter the consequences.

However, what concerns me more is the fact that the UK press 'agreed' to a media blackout on the subject (although I do realise that this would protect his comrades as well).

I am left wondering what other media black outs have happened that we do not know about.
Like the one about which Royal was caught in an uncompromising situation with a member of staff?
After watching those staged pictures of him firing that machine gun the Taliban must have thought they were being hunted by Rambo.
Are the British troops still starved of equipment? Judging by the need for Harry to wear an American cap, it would appear so.
I can hardly believe it. I hardly ever pose questions on here and rarely respond but I must say I agree with all of the above (hope nobody has added since I last looked!!) Is there anybody who really believes that Harry would be permitted to place himself in danger? One can almost hear the media out there, "Excuse me, sir, can you please try to look a little more menacing" "Can we run that once more" "Get that Afghan to walk past in the background". What a load of old cobblers. Surrounded by Ghurkas to ensure his safety. It was the same for Andrew in the Falklands ... flew a helicopter once!! One thing that is fairly certain is that the troops in close proximity to Harry would be issued with sufficient uniform and protective gear, for the benefit of the media. As was suggested by brionon, I think it is highly likely he got fed up with playing war and rather than be humiliated by returning to the UK after such a short spell, it has been made to look as though there is no other choice. He will be much happier being thrown out of nightclubs in London.
I just found it very ironic that the British media kept quiet about it for so long and as soon as it was leaked by the US there was more coverage on it than anything else. Extended news across all networks!
tiggerblue10 - Yes, quite amazing that this was kept quiet. Maybe the whole thing, including the disclosure, is all part of an elaborate scam to worm their way back into the public's hearts. They are very cunning you know and when you take into account all the resources at their disposal, nothing should surprise us. The next time Harry is seen in uniform, CinC of the world, he will be sporting a couple of dozen medals.
Cugetit. You summed it up for me. I believe it's all a media propaganda scam. Especially as there was a one hour long news at ten special which I promptly turned off. Who cares? I don't.
While I agree it does seem to be just one large publicity stunt, at least it has gone along way to highlight to the British public that there is in fact a war not only in Iraq but also in a place called Afghanistan.

Another thing it highlighted was the fact that Prince Charles and Prince William were in attendance at RAF Brize Norton to see Prince Harry return to England. That is more than be said for them when all those other soldiers arrive back walking, on stretchers or in boxes.

What does frighten me however is the fact that our establishment has the power to silence our media for whatever reason they deem necessary.

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Prince Harry's cover blown in Afghanistan

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