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No Way Back For Harry?

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naomi24 | 14:47 Fri 16th Dec 2022 | News
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What with Harry's extraordinary attack on his brother and Meghan's take on Meghan being perfection personified, can the rift ever be healed?

Harry spoke quite wistfully, I thought, of his life with his family, an impression that didn’t diminish when he referred to his Californian residence as 'home sweet home' and said this is where he is meant to be, or words to that effect. Somehow I couldn't quite believe he meant it. It's all so very sad.


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Nothing sad about it, just disgraceful. Better the King cuts ties and removes their titles now before any more scandal is created by them before his coronation.
he's still fifth in line of succession; it anything happens to the top four, there'll be a way back.
Didn't watch but reading some of what was reported it appears to me that Meghan possibly thought marrying a prince would mean being entitled to living in a castle or palace, not a cottage in palace grounds. Who really knows what the press/royals relationship is regarding news briefs etc. but being in the public eye surely means the press will be around. Given some of the photos published it does seem that H and M were planning an "escape" for sometime.
Megan's certainly playing the leading role in this really cheap trashy docu drama. Harry has looked lost and awkward right through it. He appears to have a very weak character. The Americans must be enjoying it. I still think Harry will return one day. She will let him down.

All those fake tears, sad music and rehearsed poses! All so amateur!
Anyway, it gave both OH and me a good laugh. I needed that!,

Poor Harry's got even less self-awareness than his uncle Andrew, and that's saying something.
Given some of the photos published it does seem that H and M were planning an "escape" for sometime.

I so agree, they were filming and taking photos everything in preparation for years.
Question Author
Yes, they were, lottie. I was quite shocked by that.
He doesn't seem to be very bright, Canary, or to think for himself. Easily lead! He really is her puppet.

Doubt if there's a way back.

The Royal Family aren't big on healing rifts cf. Crawfie and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Still...this is awesome for some areas of the press. The number of page impressions this has generated online has been through the roof!
The US Establishment are out to destroy the British Royal Family (of which they are very jealous). Having failed with Andrew, they're now trying through naive and gullible Harry. This relentless bullying of people who can't answer back is extremely cowardly.
I don't think the rift for the couple will be healed but Harry, ì think would be welcomed back as family, but not as royalty.

Hang on...shouldn't we leave Andrew out of this?

I mean - it's not like he didn't have a hand in his own downfall.

If you found out your mate was a convicted sex offender, you wouldn't fly across the Atlantic to stay with him for a weekend to tell him the friendship's over!
Question Author
Where did you get the idea that the US Establishment is out to destroy the royal family, Canary?

I do think that, given their clear disdain for the family and the institution, they really should relinquish the Sussex title voluntarily now. That would be the principled thing to do. To continue trading on the title is sheer hypocrisy.
They shouldn't relinquish their titles. Diana, Princess of Wales turned her back on the RF yet kept her title and her disdain for them is well documented (the interview).

Harry and Meghan are confirming what Diana told us nearly 30 years ago.

Looks like the RF haven't changed.
//The US Establishment are out to destroy the British Royal Family (of which they are very jealous).//

They have a hard job on their hands.

The trouble with this fiasco is that it is brushing off onto some gullible people in the UK - especially youngsters. I have a niece (who is younger than me but by no means "a youngster") who is otherwise quite sensible and intelligent. However she is now beginning to believe that the despicable wretch and his ghastly wife are somehow the victims in all of this. It is also making "victimhood" fashionable and is adding to the creeping paralysis caused by "wokedom" that is engulfing this country.
Problem is that without the Royal connection they would be just another mediocre celebrity couple in La La land, so they wont give up their titles voluntarily
I always liked Harry and thought he had a fun character an a bit of oomph. Not now. He looked wooden in all the scenes where he and Megan were indoors with the film crew given their accounts of what supposedly happened . All so contrived. I do feel a bit sorry for Harry.
I think you are absolutely right New Judge.
//Harry and Meghan are confirming what Diana told us nearly 30 years ago.//

The trouble with both Diana and MM is that they thought being a Princess or a Duchess would be a breeze. It isn't and I'm quite sure they were warned it would not be. The trouble was, they took no notice. Marrying into the Royal Family at senior level means your entire life will be upended absolutely and irreversibly. As the old saying goes - if you can't take a joke, you should not have joined.
Would M take any notice if their titles were taken off them? How would this be enforced?

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No Way Back For Harry?

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