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Well X 3 ...Who'd Have Thunk It?

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ToraToraTora | 13:47 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | News
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TGL has another admirer.........

Cue the nasties.......



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I don't ever recall any sensible person saying she was all bad.

I mentioned it on Gulliver's, Boris on Trial thread but no reply to it.

Back in 1979,the SNP helped to propel her into power(via a confidence vote against Jim Callaghans socialist government).The SNP have been known as the Tartan Tories ever since up here in Scotland.

Desparate times calls for deparate measures...the u turn king strikes again, gains a couple of Conservative voters  and loses thousands of lie & bore voters...this fool will say anthing to get a vote...

Is he winning you over tora? Gawd 'elp us, whatever next.

Tartan Tories??  You're the only person I've ever  heard calling the SNP this ynnafymmi. I wasn't aware that you were the spokesperson for Scotland.


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crikey maggie you want to get up to speed with who you are in bed with:|A196517516&v=2.1&it=r&sid=sitemap&asid=ffbf9712


Shock horror, Starmer said: ‘Margaret Thatcher sought to drag Britain out of its stupor by setting loose our natural entrepreneurialism’– that’s all he said in relation to Thatcher.

History lesson - again TTT?  I am well aware of what the original 11 SNP members did back in 1979.  We now have 129 MSPs and I know who I "am in bed with" thank you.

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....but you said you'd never heard of the tartan Tories I was showing you the origin.

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Well X 3 ...Who'd Have Thunk It?

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