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Swiss Anti Semitism......who'd Have Thunk It?

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ToraToraTora | 22:01 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | News
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well I'll go to the foot of our stairs!



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Have you got a cellar?

Judge >Tan Ikram< said he had "decided not to punish" them



The Jewish people I've worked for called them the Swiss swine. This goes back to the 2nd world war when lots of Jews were betrayed to the Nazis.

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@21.06.Didnt the Swiss also largely finance the Nazis,the Nazi war machine,and in turn the Holocaust?Neutral,my ass.

Question Author

ynna, not so much finance them but they were the bankers. They still hold tons of gold which was stolen from Holocaust victims.

I read somewhere that when thousands of Jews tried to claim asylum in Switzerland,the Swiss sent them back to Germany for them to die in the Holocaust.The Swiss have blood on their money-grubbing hands.

Question Author

The Swiss have always been the bankers to the world of assorted low lives. From simple robbers to genocidal despots. Nothing new.

A Swiss company broke the country's antisemitism laws and got prosecuted for it. Amazing. 

@22.56.Back in the 1940s,tomus,anti-semitism was the way to go.Not now.Especially with the Jewish diaspora under greater threat than ever.This company knew what it was doing.Pandering to the Islamist anti-semites.

'mon the hysteria.

Not like it was a gay cake.

//This company knew what it was doing.Pandering to the Islamist anti-semites//

That will probably be why it was prosecuted under the Swiss antisemitism laws then.

Hello, is this thing on? (taps mic).

But the fact that they would be prosecuted didnt seem to stop them putting up this anti-semitic stuff in the first place.

That's kinda what laws are for, dealing with stuff.

laws never deter everyone. It's only 80 years since the last witch was sentenced (she'd summoned up the spirit of a sailor who'd been torpedoed, an incident the government was trying to cover up)

Well said,jno.(I never thought i would agree with you).

Racism is quite rife in Austria too (I'm told).

My mate who lived there found them to be the biggest bunch of racists he had ever met, constantly being told to 'go home' as well.

He left and moved to Canada. So no I am not surprised by this.

.This goes back to the 2nd world war when lots of Jews were betrayed to the Nazis.


they took da money from fleeing Jews - and kept it!

dont be offended Melv: a mod will be along soon to delete this post -  as obviously un-mimsy



Heba AlHayek came to the UK from Gaza, her reason was the fear of persecution from Hamas.

Just saying.


So a Muslim fleas her homeland to escape the persecution of her fellow Muslims.

She then gets convicted of showing support for a terrorist group but escapes a prison sentence because a Muslim judge who didn't want to punish her.


That's where we are.

Just saying.

It just gets worse

No wonder he didn't want to punish them.

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Swiss Anti Semitism......who'd Have Thunk It?

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