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This Has To Be A Wind Up …..Surely ??

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seekeerz | 04:03 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | News
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One of the headlines from todays Telegraph.....a Finnish company are marketing a tampon for transgender men .....🤔😳 how the heck are ....oh never mind !!



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Is it called a Richard Plug?

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It's not April 1st, is it ??  Are they for real ??

I can't imagine there would be much a demand for them.

Yes, trans men will have periods unless they have a hysterectomy or hormone treatment but they may not want the shop assistant and other shoppers to know they are trans.

Men do buy sanitary products for their partners, so nobody would blink an eye if they picked up a standard pack rather a blue pack stocked next to men's razors and shaving foam

It makes sense to me when one reads the company's blurb:

More tripe.

This is just confirming that trans men are female.  

Anyone know why pink or pretty razors aimed at ladies are more expensive than those aimed at men?

Who's throwing them at men?

I think you have it the wrong way around... Transgender men. Start out as women, they may not have full reassignment surgery for some time ( in some cases full surgery isn't possible) and in those cases will still experience  menstrual cycles.  The whole marketing strategy for 'feminine hygiene product's. ' is based around the obvious feminine bit.  So a trans man might prefer a more neutral or masculine packaged product.  

Remember every month for those individuals is a cruel reminder of their body not being the only  they feel they belong in.   

Thanks for the article Chris.  It makes sense.  But it also means that transgender 'men' are bsically still female.  I originally ally supposed wrong and thought it meant males changing to female.  I've just woken up!!   I don't understand this world any   more!!

In other words trans-people remain the physical sex they are born into until surgery, drugs etc. are completed.  Until that point their bodies remain the sex they were born and this should be acknowleged.

It's very hard for genuine gender-dysmorphics and I have every sympathy, I really do, but it has to be like that to keep others safe until transition is complete.

I don't quite see why special tampons sould be marketed though - scratching head here.

Even after surgery, jourdain.  My wife has had a total hysterectomy but she is still very much a woman, as are the ladies who have had to have a double mastectomy.

Of course, Barry.  My comments were about gender dysmorphic people who feel to be in the wrong bodies, not women or men who lose some body parts through no wish of their own, but by medical necessity (or accident).

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This Has To Be A Wind Up …..Surely ??

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