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Put On Your Dancing Shoes.

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royfromaus | 00:36 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | News
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Born in France but shouted Alluh...well, you know what he shouted.

So, no doubt menkle health will be the focus.



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He said the suspect was sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for planning another attack and was on the French security services watchlist.

The man was also known to have suffered psychiatric disorders, Mr Darmanin said.//


It does seem that he is a fruitloop. Question should be why was he released and not in "la maison de la noix"?

Memri is totally discredited in the eyes of anyone who believes in neutral reporting:

Wrong thread, Buen?

Not at all Barry - see second link in OP


Apologies, I didn't see the second link

No surprise that this is happening.

Question Author

I think it is going to be a record breaking Christmas across Europe.

Of course, apathy will be of great help. 

Well ... you know how it is, Roy.  Live and let live .... and all that.

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Put On Your Dancing Shoes.

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