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Not So Proud Now . . .

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Canary42 | 21:40 Thu 31st Aug 2023 | News
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. . . blubbing in Court. Immature idiot.


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repentance is a wonderful thing, though seen quite regularly before sentences are passed.
If The Donald gets back in (God forbid) he'll no doubt pardon them all.
Credit where it’s due, the Americans do not mess about with their sentencing.

If it were here I wonder how long his suspended sentence would have been!

If it were here it wouldn't have happened, we're not brainwashed with pledging allegiance in school every morning to the point where the weak-minded become obsessed.
So the idiots that followed their leader get to spend time in gaol but the person that incited it all is still awaiting trial.

Rich people have better lawyers
Can't argue that..
Damn savage......etc
Damn savage......etc

Hi TTT Lenin - here we have a durr trying to be a durr....

Now readers, presumably they thought they wd be pardoned as this is federal and it is not as certain as they thought. Enrique Torres also a defendant, was also convicted of taking a bible from a church ( theft) and pleaded that he didnt know he wasnt meant to do that.... ( St Johns around the corner from the White House)

Trump has also applied to have his case heard separately, which must horrify the other joint defendants and lessen their chances of acquittal

AND - they say, one state has as a state constitution, a prohibition that any convict can be President of the Republic - which may be very troublesome
If it were here it wouldn't have happened,
well it is against the Treason Felony Act 1848

( demonstrating outside parliament with intent to change its mind)

but wd the Met have enforced the law, or said oh no it is better if we attend our mandatory woke-awareness courses ?

all ask ( thx to Ernest bramah)
trying to beef up the intellectual content of this thread.
o god
Andy will be after me as there are too many posts for him to bypass.... ho hum
That's not how bypassing works. ;-)

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Not So Proud Now . . .

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