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Students Dumped For Migrants

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fender62 | 15:36 Thu 31st Aug 2023 | News
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its become a farce now, mass deportations and turning the boats around is the only way
under national security and cohesion.


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If you believe all you read, you'll eat all you see! University students have always had a problem with accommodation, even when I was at uni. Too easy to blame everything on migrants.
There’ll be an uprising if this kind of thing continues fender , I heard on Talk TV , landlords are buying up hotels in beauty spots on the south coast to house immigrants because the government pay them
This is what happens when you have a government that accedes to the notion that people arriving without leave to do so, from a safe country, have a right to lodge a claim for asylum.

What is needed is a government which questions the purpose of the asylum system (i.e. is it to provide a safe haven or is it to provide people - predominantly young men - who do not like it where they and wish "to start a new life"). As well as doing that they should also question the widespread acceptance that Article 31 of the UN Convention on the treatment of refugees no longer differentiates between those arriving directly from a place where their safety was jeopardised, and those who do not.

Until then this will continue. And all those who consider that vast numbers of people travelling in rubber boats to the Kent coast without permission to do so are causing no problems can explain their point of view to the students in Huddersfield.
//University students have always had a problem with accommodation,//

So why make it any harder, maggie?
Bobbi, doubt very much if there will be an "uprising". Most folk in the UK seem to have an "I'm all right Jack attitude" and don't give two monkeys about others.
MaggieB,if you mean immigrants then yes you’re right but if you mean our own homeless people who are on the streets , some who have served their country, then you’re wrong
Question Author
maggiebee, would you mind if say we has a border with romania and all the young men decided to relocate to us because we cannot stop them, and said men wanted demanded housing and a stipend to live on..and then invited there families in at your expense.
This was on the tv news this morning. It's disgraceful. The students have probably signed tenancy agreements and now have had to rush around and try to find alternative accommodation. That won't be easy when they are supposed to be back at Uni. next week.
My granddaughter had to pay over £100 a week last year to live in a room in a shared house with four other girls. Plus a substantial deposit. She had to take two part-time jobs in order to pay for it. All that plus a huge debt when she leaves UNI.
Who is paying the bill for the migrants????
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andres, again this throws the students and eveyone else effected to the wind, reminds me of..let them eat cake, all these men should be in a giant warehouses, grilled for info forcebly, then deported without recourse to the law then sent packing, with no chance of ever staying
thye broke the law and are not wanted anyway, id let the military deal with them for deportation.
Bobbi - we are very slow as a nation to organise uprisings. We have learned to change things through political pressure. Thus we are at a disadvantage and wrong-footed in the current climes.
It is wrong - we all know/feel that it is wrong to chuck out students for young, male adventurers (oops - almost wrote 'invaders', silly me).
So what will we do about it? Answer: nothing.
It is very depressing.
However, every boil will eventually burst. I hope this does not burst either too early or too late.
PS Bobbi - I am not talking about our own homeless. I am quite involved with an organisation which helps them.
As if the crime rate in huddersfield isn't bad enough at the moment, just wait till that lot are roaming the streets, dealing drugs and sexually harassing young girls.
Of course the incompetent Home Office (Braverman) are responsible for taking away the students accommodation, not migrants. I offer the words of wisdom I posted in another thread, mostly for the benefit of fender62.

Should the un-thinkable happen, and the situation in the UK become such that our citizens are fleeing to France, seeking asylum – I would like to think that there would be some system in place whereby all those who currently object to asylum seekers arriving from France were told to sling their hook, and their boats pushed back into the sea.
God you spout some rubbish Hymie.

On a positive it will be a good lesson to students on what right-on liberalism does.

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Students Dumped For Migrants

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