Uk Inflation

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gulliver1 | 10:06 Wed 18th May 2022 | News
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Hits the highest for 40 years as housholds suffer .
Even higher than the 1990s recession .
Caused by the combination of Brexit and this Tory Govt,,,, as expected,
No doubt Boris and his Cronies will shift the blame onto Putin


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How is inflation going where you live gulliver. You are very interested in it here in the UK where you claim not to live so does not affect you but every time you get asked about prices in your neck of the woods you ignore the question. No one denies it's not bad here but how is it with you?
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95% Of Abers voted for Brexit and this Crap Con Govt. Now you are finding out what you voted for .
The only winner being Boris himself.
hello, hello, can you actually read? Why do you never give the courtesy of answering?
It has been reported that 75% of the increase in inflation is due to fuel costs increasing; increasing fuel costs are affecting many European countries.

It's not been caused by Brexit and the Tories.
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11.55 I Think the very high rate of inflation in the UK ,is soley down to the mishandling of Brexit by Boris, who at times was even signing agreements without even reading them, and the failing economy is a cock up between Boris and Sunak.
Why an earth do people respond to someone who continually comes it with such rubbish. I’m not bothering with this site anymore.
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If inflation is caused by high fuel costs, then why doesn't Boris do something about it. Fuel companies are making record profits they think its Christmas.
Make them lower or freeze their price to the public.
Or is it the more joe public pays the more tax and vat goes into the Tory vaults . For you know what!
// hello, hello, can you actually read?//
no - I am like any other ABer - ter daaah !

(but I can vote etc)
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P/P 12.18 LOL.
Gully - you would have loved BBC tv this am
From Grimsby with a statistician

Bebb Fluffy: In flation has reached 10% - this means that during April the value of your money had fallen 10% !

repeat an hour later- she did then use - annualised
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12.20 OK, P/P.
It's almost as if there has been a series of crises.....
So as usual gulliver no answer. If where you live is so good and here in the UK is so bad why are you afraid to tell us how inflation and prices are doing where ever it is you are. You open mulitiple threads on here but refuse to answer questions on them. If we are so bad then why do you spend so much time on here having a go at the UK instead of enjoying your life where ever it is you live.
Gulliver claims to live abroad but he seems to have a fixation with the UK so I'd say he's probably a sad unemployed and unemployable keyboard jocky sitting in his mums attic with Boris posters on the walls. Am I right? I'm not wrong!
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Boris and Rishi have never lived in the real World , both being Silver spooners, they have not got a clue .
The only inflation they ever experienced is when they blew Balloons up as kids.
Boris is anything but silver spoon, try doing some research before spouting your BS.
Rishi born with a silver spoon?


Where do you drag this trash up from?
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It's such a shame the way Boris sucked you all in with Promises of Rose gardens and images of Bednobs dancing through sunlit meadows after Brexit . Now you have reality.
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The mps could no doubt see the squeeze coming ,
so they very quickly gave themselves a payrise.
Just to level things up.

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