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Paigntonian | 20:28 Tue 17th May 2022 | News
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too many *** on the site. Give up.


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Must be bad down there.......
Mods has four letters...
Be specific.
Why is this in News by the way?
4 letters, an acronym of North East West & South, or so they say....
never was much goood at anagrams
for a man whose name anagrams to 'repent-adept,' Jeez..... the rock in front of the tomb at Mount Olive is ready to move.
swen den - - newts?

Move away, Rarcky ! Struck by the news this evg - Russian tv taking a reality check
I’m quite good at cryptic puzzles but I confess this one has me stumped.
Unless the individuals you are addressing know who they are, they can't comply with your instructions.
I thought you were the boss Andy.
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
TTT, 5C lefty trolls is also posted most every day. Yes you do.
But why would the word 'mods' be asterisked out???

It's not a swear word?!!
I suspect he used a euphemism. We need him to clarify what this post was about.
i presume paigntonian has flounced off, and the "give up" means hes giving up posting (although not given up looking in i notice).
quite why its news, i have no idea
He hasn't left and hasn't explained what he's on about or why it's newsworthy.

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