42Nd Russian Colonel Killed

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Khandro | 11:10 Wed 18th May 2022 | News
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Just announced he died in the ambush. Could any army be so unlucky to lose 42 in so so short a space of time? surely the Ukrainians are getting some pretty advanced intel. (from the US?)


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pity it's not more - damn savages...
Are Colonels being killed in battle, a big deal?
I thought that in any war plenty of colonels lose their life in battle.

The big deal is when Generals are killed.
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//I thought that in any war plenty of colonels lose their life in battle.//

42 in 3 months?
Khandro 42 in 3 months is "plenty of colonels" ;-)
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/The big deal is when Generals are killed./

& 12 of them in the same time frame cannot be put down to bad luck
pity that they haven't been able to knock off the head-honcho and get this stupidity over with.
Yes, I agree khandro it does seem rather a lot.
Ah, but 42 Russian colonels are probably not even worth as much as 1 British colonel, or even 1 British major?
Who's killed them Putin or the Ukrainians :)
Nearly 1,100 U.S. Army generals served at some point during World War II, and of those about 40 died during or immediately following the war.
Between 1914-18, around 12% of the ordinary soldiers were killed. The figure for officers was around 17%. ( UK )

so all we need is how many russian colonels there are

well: Lieutenant Colonels typically command units of up to 650 soldiers, containing four or five sub-units - known as the Commanding Officer. ( British Army)

so 175000 Russian tovarich wd be commanded by 270 colonels
and they have killed 42
whihc is 15% in 3 mo

someone asked

PP...I thought Russia had just below 2000 Cols at the start of this conflict but perhaps someone could clarify this with a link -;)
Waiting for Colonel Putin (it would appear) to be similarly eliminated
Ukraine estimates now 28,300 dead
I think the main problem the Russians have had, is normally their army are only used to killing and murdering un-armed civilians. To have some one shoot back at them tends to confuse them.

The Russian Army appears to be using outdated techniques. And fighting with your Generals up front is ridiculous these days. Apart from anything else it is a massive demoraliser for the side that looses a senior and a massive propaganda weapon for the other side.

Still, lets hope they dont cotton on ;-)
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I think we may be seeing the end of this kind of warfare (praise the lord!) - large numbers of troops slugging it out in close proximity.

Satellites observation, all kinds of new technology & communications make this stuff seem suddenly very old fashioned.
12.52 Outdated techniques that can work up to a point even to day. If you look back many many years when they had castle fortresses that where almost impregnable there was only one way to crack that nut. It was to surround it, bombard it day and night, kill anyone that tried to leave, anyone who didn't leave would stave to death sooner or later, no food or water getting in. Is this not what Putin's tactics have been in Mariapol / and the steel works?
But thats only any use if you can get your troops to fully encircle the others. And its probably all they are any good at. Not tactics really is it surrounding someone and lobbing everything you can at them. Waste of weapons they havnt got for a start.

Most are picked off on the roads going to them. You dont drive your tanks up front anymore, 'smart' missiles and drones can just pick them off. As they have been doing.

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42Nd Russian Colonel Killed

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