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gulliver1 | 16:07 Mon 16th May 2022 | News
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A statue of a Thatcher was covered in eggs only two hours after being erected in her home town of Grantham at a cost of £300.000,after plans to install it in Parliament Square were abandoned for fear it would be vandalised. Wonder if Eggwina Currie was there.?


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She should be on the 'empty plinth' in Trafalgar Square.
and it transpires that it one protester. No story.
The gentleman involved is 59 and apparently a director at some sort of university arts establishment. He is old enough to know better than to throw eggs in the street (especially when, so we are led to believe, some people cannot afford to buy eggs to eat).
Was never a fan of Thatcher but this is a bit idiotic
I read only one of four eggs hit. I’m not in the country and Tony was busy so it wasn’t us. ;-)
NJ at 16:16.
Are you deliberately trying to be a parody of an old-time judge? " we are led to believe, some people cannot afford to buy eggs to eat?"
I mean, would you allow your daughters, wife or servants to read such a book? (i.e. Lady Chatterley's Lover).
Apart from a misguided notion of some sort of futile revenge, that achieves nothing. The man is a moron. He needs to grow up.
//Are you deliberately trying to be a parody of an old-time judge? "//

Not at all. We are being asked to believe that many people cannot afford to buy food (which probably for many people includes eggs). I happen not to believe that, but that's another issue. There is no doubt we are being asked to believe it. This bloke has bought half a dozen eggs simply to chuck at a statue of somebody whose policies I imagine he did not like (I can't think why else he'd do it). The problem with many people is that they cannot bear opinion contrary to their own, even when it comes to politicians who were duly elected.

This individual apparently holds a senior post at a University. Chucking eggs is what children and adolescents do for a lark. It's not what senior University officials do because they don't like a particular statue of the UK's longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century. He's a pillock.
Finding it hard to get excited about this, I doubt the ghost of Thatch is either.

Far from spinning in her grave, the lady's not for turning.
Funny how statues get the lefties riled, Thatcher, Colston.
They also bring out the Major (rtd) in some folk, Webbo.
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Wonder if "TGL" ...."That Ghastly Lady" liked her eggs.. Fried ,Boiled, poached, or scrambled.
She was a massive fan of eggs, Gulliver, to the extent that she employed an omelette chef named Michelle.
What is this new trend of 'I am so upset, I have to take it out on a statue' all about.....meaningless and pointless as a protest. Why can't the extremists in our society focus on 'what are the learning lessons to take forward' rather than being the mental imbeciles that many of them appear to be.

I'd be interested to hear when, in our past, there was such wanton interest in destroying/defacing our history....other than destroying the Church's legacy - wit old Harry 8 and Cromwell.....
He was expressing his hatred of the policies she instigated and of the consequences of those policies.
I loathed her politically and I’m not alone.
Thatcher is such a divisive figure; to some a hero, to others an arc-villain – I would not be surprised to read that the statue has been decapitated.
Shame that there is no harbour to throw it in to.
"Shame that there is no harbour to throw it in to."

Right on, brother!
She is part of our history, whether you like it or not, remember her election victories were certainly emphatic - and not that much different to Tony Blair's.

Should he be chucked into the Tees or the Thames or defaced with eggs if they in ever raise a statue to him in sunny Sedgefield?

Much that I 'loathe' him - no is definitely the answer to that.

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Egg On Her Face

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