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Enigmatic Variations N0 1639 By Piccadilly

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Matakari | 12:48 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
19 Answers

Good morning, an EV puzzle that seems to be quite Matakari friendly as far as the clues are concerned. Just three for which I would appreciate help before going on to the theme! Thanks in advance!

1a   Daughter and Shakespeare’s kinsman exchange caresses once (  5 ): ?ALL?   ( DALLY )
14a 2 and a quarter inches in a crooked line ( 4 )  : ??IL  ( NAIL )
8d   Spenser’s proceeded east following Jedi leaving area ( 4 )  :  YO?E



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1a definitely begins with D

14a anagram /crooked of "in a" + L(ine) = nail

8d Yoda - A + E = yode which I presume is a Spenser term for proceed

Dally looks promising

D(aughter) + ally (kinsman) = Dally (exchange caresses)

Yode is right. i think it was used pre Spenser

Question Author

Many thanks, JJ109 and Newmodarmy, I’m looking for the theme and am somewhat lost as to what to do. For example, I have the following in the grid: TB?R?S?I and this seems to be related to one of the Eight ( Bar riots erupted = ARBORIST? )- If so, what should be entered and how?

Matakari Boris comes from Arborist

Now look for an answer beginning with T

Old VIP gives the answer TANNER (VI = 6 in Roman numerals, and P = pence - An old 6d coin was a tanner

Now take out Anne from tanner and substitute Boris

Your entry is therefore TBORISR

Matakari, although this was a very easy EV, clue-wise, the theme stuff ends up a bit of a damp squib really!

By the way there is a line blocking the I which is not part of the entry. The entry is TBORISR

Question Author

Yes, the Unclueds look a bit tricky. I have the following now. Any further help would be welcome!

Matakari, you were given two of the themed entries, are you asking for the other six?

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, I would not mind having them to see how they work . One of them looks like BUTCHER, but I don’t know…

Thanks, Matakari. I don't have my copy- I'm not at home. Your Butcher is correct, I think it might have just been an another anagram. Remember that the occupations are in alphabetical order. The 'president' in one of the later clues is the famous Donald. There's also the usual 'mine' with the very common (in crosswords) cuckoos inside. There's not really much point to you playing with the letters you have until you have even a couple more of the jobs.

Remember each of the occupations includes a name that must be removed and another inserted before input.

You have arBORISt, butCHER and tANNEr already

3. Usual abbreviations for hundred and pound and then an obscure 4 letter word for a fine (which is also a man's name). Think of churches for the occupation. Alhabetically after "butcher"

4's parsing is a bit obscure so i shall leave that for the time being, although the occupation is one beginning with C that has a lot of legal authority Boy's name letters 345

5 Anagram Actor rode - girl's name letters 3456

6.NAC's clue.boy's name letters 234

8. Comes after tanner alhabetically! President 5 letters + anagram tree = eg Louis Armstrong. The last 5 letters are a boy's name

Matakari - look  at your 2nd answer BU?ERIC

You know that one of the occupations is "butcher" and that you need to remove one name and replace with another. You remove Cher and here you obviously replace it with "ERIC" therefore your grid entry is BUTERIC

You also now know that one of the occupations includes the name ERIC (look at clue 3)

Matakari, I hope the detailed help with the occupations and the detailed help with the format of the entries meant that you managed to fill in your blanks?

Question Author

Many thanks for the hints most of which I’ve been able to work out.
I would be happy to be given the grid entries for the following to put
this one to rest and go on to this week’s Spectator which looks quite

Bar riots erupted : ARBORIST    ( TBORISR )

Cut herb in pieces  BUTCHER

Hundred pound fine :

Homer expert  :

Actor rode out            DECORATOR

Cuckoos entering mine  :

Old VIP ?                         TANNER

Former president damaged tree  : TRUMPETER


Arborist - change to ArANNEt

Butcher - change to butERIC

Cleric - change to clPETER

Coroner - change to CoIANer

Decorator - change  to DeRONtor

Pianist - change to pCORAist

Tanner - change to tBORISr

Trumpeter- change to trumCHER

Question Author

Grateful for these insights, JJ109! On to the Spectator now which should be much gentler for me.

Matakari, I hope the Speccie puzzle proves to be 'much gentler' for you- and it definitely will be if you've seen the answers given yesterday! 

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1639 By Piccadilly

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