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No, but, sadly it is far from unknown. Several elderly people I have known were convinced that small sums were disappearing and, being far from doolally, took evasive action (sat on cash etc. when cleaners/carers in) ..... the disappearances stopped.
what is she thinking?
I need it and she doesnt....
Damn savage......etc
It's the action of a thieving ****.

There's an awful lot of them about so I couldn't say for sure that it's not normal.
yes - but then there's so much poverty developing out there, I'm not surprised.
Another reason to go cashless
Well the thief obviously has a job DTC.
People in low paid jobs can be as poor as those on benefits but even some wealthy people steal when they have the opportunity. Some folk are desperate but I expect most are just greedy.

Sadly there has been several reports over recent years of carers caught on webcams stealing from their clients.
It's the action of a thief. Sadly not as rare as it should be.

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