Doesn't The Uk Need Gb News?

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Khandro | 08:08 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | News
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Many influential people in the media and politics would like to see nothing better than GBN fail, because a successful Right-leaning channel is the very last thing they want. After all, its very raison d’être is to disrupt the cosy Left-liberal club that is the British media.


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A specious statement ken
I kind of agree with Ken. Most claims of bias I see stem from networks not leaning towards a particular viewpoint. Both left and right are guilty of shouting "bias" if a network doesn't support their particular opinion.
no I think the Beeb coverage of Afghan has been Bad.
FAR too much "lets us watch them boot out the bad colonialists"
far too little of "do they really have no memory at all of what it was like last time?"

The Beeb coverage of Prince Andrew has been bad
Andrew: crap total crap
Beeb fluff - now let us ask the Jiuffre team what they think!
Jiffre lawyer for it is he: prince andrew is a very bad person and has not incriminated himself as the principles of Great American Justice says he must!
Fluffy - foo really I fort you had the 5th amendment - but I'm wrong I am!
Jiuffre lawyer - unlike the Queen of England - in the great american republic no one is above the law !
Fluffy again; foo what about the President inciting to riot and getting away scot free - and all the lardee dah about executive privilege, and immunity from tort if he is presidential. I dunno where I go' that from I must be thick or somfing.....

so all in all - bad job

Times today - Beeb head - Beeb must be unbiassed constantly and not just once a week.

and also Times today - jiuffre lawyers are getting an awful lot of free advertising time, and are jumping ahead in my opinion....

Khandro @ 12;26; "A specious statement, Ken."
You started it, Khandro, with your claim that the British media is just a "Left/liberal club." As i have said before, i take both the Mirror and the Sunday Express. Yes, the Mirror 100% supports Labour but the Express is the polar opposite. Nothing 'Left' or 'Liberal' in there.
As for tv news, if you expect to see bias, you will see it. Even when it isn't there:-/

Well as it has clearly rattled the resident lefties on here it is clearly a good thing.

I fail to understand the bias argument though, only the BBC should be totally unbiased (and it unfortunately isnt) the others rely on adverts/supporters so will go broke if the market doesnt want it.

I think one of the problems GBNews has is that many of its potential viewers (like me) refuse the pay the BBC subscription and so are prevent ed from watching it live.
Call me old fashioned but my view is news channels should do news and do it in a balanced way.
They should not make their raison d’être to “counter” other news stations.
That’s a bit idiotic and if GBN were to persist with that they’d be doomed.
Hire good journalists and keep the comment and opinion, be it left wing or right wing -ideally both - or even shock horror - neither - and they’ll not go far wrong,
I suspect however that the desire to be “different” will persist
allthe feelie pinko left AB wets

the fella Guto Harri taking the knee on GBNews was an object lesson in Irony - can anyone explain that to me

He took the knee and got fired - how irony I ask
what was his state of mind when he did it?
( as in a) foo look at me everyone, it is really stoopid
or b) they have a point - - (clunk) )
//That’s a bit idiotic //

And the left fall to good old name calling.

GB News must be doing it right!
You don’t even watch it ymb.
Maybe that’s why you like it :-)
I have seen some catch up actually.

What have have seen is that its not really a 'News' channel in the normal sense more of a chat show. I seem to recall Sky did similar with that Michelle girl (the northern lass) but I guess with her views she is not welcome on there now!
“That’s a bit idiotic” is hardly name-calling :-)
Ken’s dead right: bias is indeed often in the eye of the beholder,
Actudlky if they had a bit more outrageous right wing bias I might like it more, perversely as it would at least then be interesting.
At the moment it’s hardly the go-to place for actual news, so it needs some other attraction. But then it might fall foul of broadcasting standards
The only reason that the UK "needs" GB news is because the other options are clearly biased too. What we need is simply an unbiased media but that's clearly too much of an ask.
can anyone tell me any of the so-called controversial things they have said - i have truly not seen any although i stopped watching it some weeks ago due to the awful sound problems, lighting, regional reporters and so on
> the cosy Left-liberal club that is the British media

LOL, left of Pol Pot maybe ...
"Well as it has clearly rattled the resident lefties on here it is clearly a good thing."
has it? where? who? it's not "clear" to me!
every time i see a post about it, no-one is watching it!
Question Author
//every time i see a post about it, no-one is watching it!//
I am unable to watch it live, I watch it as YouTubes & most of the major items, as far as I can tell, seem to be available, the advantage being that one can chose what to see & when
if people think the country needs it, all they have to do is sit down and watch it in enough numbers to impress the statisticians, and spend enough money on the products advertised there to pay their presenters and backroom people.
great kandro you are a watcher!, so what exactly have they said that's particularly right wing or hasnt been said elsewhere
It will close not because the main stream media wants it to fail, but because no one is watching it.
Simple economics. The product is bad and not enough viewers.
It's rubbish which is why Andrew Neil jumped ship.

If someone comes along and does it better, the 'many influential people' that don't want a successful right leaning channel might have something to worry about.

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