Brexit To Cause Uk Food Shortages

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gulliver1 | 16:36 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | News
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Supermarket shelves have started to empty and an expected food shortage is forcast for UK . Thousands of E/U truck driver have returned home and thousands more are not allowed into the UK to deliver foodstocks.
....... All because of Brexit......


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Brexiteers still in Full Denial I perceive. They just hate it that Project Fear turned out to be Project Truth.
22:04 Wed 21st Jul 2021
My driving instructor had just left the army - he told me that all service personnel are trained to HGV standard as soon as they join - simple then - bring the army in
Question Author
06.57 Your driving instructor is talking a load of real Army Bullshine.
Nothing to do with the fact there are thousands of HGV tests outstanding due to ridiculous COVID rules then? Or the 'pingdemic' ?

Yes some went home after Brexit but in many cases its because their own countries are now much better places with a better standard of living, so why work away from home with poor wages.
this is nowt to do with brexit it's the pingdemic. Just turn off the dam thing it ain't needed.
I've seen articles bemoaning the shortage of labour caused by Brexit.
Imagine how much worse things would be if half our industry didn't shut up shop here and move to EU countries. ;-)
Anyway, if just a fraction of the Remainers had left as promised, we'd have a glut of everything. (cept sour grapes, of course)
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Just look at the price your paying for fuel because of Brexidemic.
We have always paid more for fuel because of the UK tax regime - it's the rising price of oil (from 40 to 70 dollars a barrel) that has caused the current increases.
Gulliver, more to do with Coronavirus than Brexit.
//The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many foreign workers to return home during lockdown, never to return.//
You do talk some rubbish, Gulliver. Do you really not mind making a twit of yourself all the time?
Aww hes found a new word ( Brexdemic) and he’s rolling in out to be with Crony club etc, all in Gullivers dictionary Bless him haha
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Its a pity that the Brexit voters on A/B are using Covid as a scapegoat for their mistake for voting out.
Question Author
Will the UK have to ask the E/U for help if supplies get worse.
"Just as back in 1979 the SNP enabled Thatcher,back in 2016 SNP voters enabled Brexit."

YNNAFYMMI, in Scotland, the "leave" vote was 1,018,322.

That means if every "leave" voter in Scotland, let alone those voting SNP, had voted to remain, the UK would have left anyway.

From your left wingf rag Gulliver. I have c/p the relevant bit as you cant use links. It's a bit more than ALL brexit isnt it.

The letter also blames the closure of the IR35 tax loophole which forces agencies to pay enough to cover self-employed drivers national insurance and tax.

Truck driving in the UK has been dominated by eastern European drivers in recent years but Brexit and Covid have created the “perfect storm” for the sector, said Burnett.

“We don’t know if it’s because Europeans who would traditionally be in these roles have left because of Brexit or because of Covid and aren’t able to come back yet because of the pandemic, but it is a very real problem” said Burnett.

For everyone else who is capable of using a link:
Gulliver1. Find dark room, enter, take medication, lay down, think of England. In your deepest dreams you are happy. It’s your view of reality that’s distorted.
Thre's no possibility, I suppose, that some Remainers are using Brexit as a scapegoat to explain the problems caused by Covid (and in particular the government's handling of it)? Just a thought.
I see the media are trying to cause buying panic again. Just imagine if they tried to cause fear and alarm during WW2. The editors and owners would have been jailed.
// Just imagine if they tried to cause fear and alarm during WW2. The editors and owners would have been jailed.//

Trouble is, david, the government has been doing that for eighteen months. And they still haven't stopped.
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11.34 Mr Smallman, On my way I will rattle your cage.
The reason there is a shrotage is because Lorry Drivers and Employees have had to self isolate so there is less people in the HGVs.

This scaremongering doesn't do anyone any good.

The word being used is "pingdemic". Nothing to do with Brexit, but that dadly virus knows as COVID-19.

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Brexit To Cause Uk Food Shortages

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