Brexit Not Done After All Then Why Am I Not Surprised.

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Canary42 | 16:09 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | News
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Another of blundering Boris's boobs.


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have a day off, brexit is done this is just the EUSSR trying to punish us for leaving their club, end of.
Boris doesn't run the country single handed.

It's so boring reading anti Boris posts on a daily basis.
Agree with TTT.
can you imagine what state we'd be in if agent Cob and the abacus were running the show?
^ Oh don't ....
quick! Diversionary tactic! Attack Corbyn! (The guy who wasn't in power rather than the people who actually messed up).

The fact is, Boris did mess up. He signed a deal and now he's decided he doesn't like it.
16.57 Never sign something that you have not read.
....Boris does.
N.I Protocol was signed up to by May. If you can all remember what things were like back then, there was some time pressure. I don't excuse Boris by any means, but I understand the 'crossed fingers, it's unacceptable but we'll see what we can do with it' scenario in order to simply get us out.

Now chickens are coming home to roost. Efforts have been made to make it work - but it doesn't, never could, never can. So, since there is provision, I believe, in the protocol, to abandon/reconsider it, if it proved to be unworkable this is now being explored. The EU will exploit it, of course. But they put it in knowing it would lead to conflict. If we upset them, sorry. They need to work with us to make it workable or else we just kick them out of it. This will lead to huge Irish border problems - but not of our making!.

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Brexit Not Done After All Then Why Am I Not Surprised.

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