Brexit To Cause Uk Food Shortages

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gulliver1 | 16:36 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | News
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Supermarket shelves have started to empty and an expected food shortage is forcast for UK . Thousands of E/U truck driver have returned home and thousands more are not allowed into the UK to deliver foodstocks.
....... All because of Brexit......


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Brexiteers still in Full Denial I perceive. They just hate it that Project Fear turned out to be Project Truth.
22:04 Wed 21st Jul 2021
It's OK we'll bake banana bread and go to the pub until this all blows over.
Really? I haven't had any problems getting food.
do you have a link?
It's all a cunning plan by the new Health Secretary to combat obesity!
seems to be plenty on the shelves in all the places I've seen. Where are you looking gully? Fortnum and Mason? No tinned Woodcock spleens? No pickled swan's testicles?
Not only truck drivers but big warehouses.
My son works at Sainsbury's and was told by lorry driver, he had waited for hours for for warehouse depot to bring out supply! Then they are late and workers are hanging around at Sainsbury's waiting to fill shelve. Also, they are at least 3 days behind with orders.
A lot of EU workers went home from these places too, leaving skeletal staff.
there are problems at the moment. I know people on the importation scene. Very stressful times brexit being the main reason.
Well, all those farms that have been struggling for the last 20 years? It's your time to shine. And if they need pickers/farm hands etc? Where are all those shiny new immigrants that a apparently flooding our hallowed shores? If they genuinely want to be an important part of our country, here's their chance to prove themselves.
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I suppose Brexit has to come with a price.
And still the anti-brexit brigade whines away. You know where the rest of Europe is going, tag along.....
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Grant Shapps "I am aware of a shortage of HGV
drivers, so I am announcing an extension of drivers hours, to help them make more and longer journeys.
I will also ramp up the number of HGV tests available" .
.....Suppose thats a start .
Yep, sounds nice and safe, giving drivers who are already spending 70 hours a week on the road the ability to spend even more ... in the nice hot weather, too.
Drivers' hours are regulated for good reasons. Many fatal accidents have been attributed to tired drivers. But nothing surprises me with this govt.

"We know there will be problems. We know things will be difficult. We understand, we really do. But we're gonna do it anyway"
There was a report today that the supply chain is suffering causing some (but not many) shortages, due to the “pingdemic”.

Gulliver may have got confused.

The sooner everybody deletes that damn app the better.
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There was a report today that the supply chain is suffering causing (a lot)of shortages due to Brexit .

Deskdiary may have got confused.

Caused by the the shortage of 25,000 E/U HGV drivers who have gone back to their own countries .

There are empty shelves already in 2 local Tesco's. Reason: B****y 'Pings' affecting delivery staff! Forget Brexit. Nothing the EU can give us that we can't get elsewhere, so give it a rest gulliver!
These shortages seem to be random. Yesterday in Morrison's there wasn't a single bottle of lemonade to be had. I'm trying to guess what they will be short of on my next visit.
^^ However, to be cheerful. I've just frozen 3 bags of home-grown broad beans!! We'll live!

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Brexit To Cause Uk Food Shortages

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