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gulliver1 | 21:09 Wed 27th Oct 2021 | News
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Brexit is the main cause of the UK supply chain of food and petrol shortages says
........ "The Govt spending watchdog"........
While Boris's Ministers are trying to lay the blame on Global shortages the truth is finally out.
........Britain is world leader in shooting itself in the foot .....Bless,


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Lol it says exacerbated by, that is not at all the same as 'main cause'.....
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Same meaning 7272.
//Brexit has made the shortages hitting the UK economy worse compared to the rest of the world, the government's spending watchdog has said.//
So the rest of the world has them too?
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Sovereignty, end of. Apparently.
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22.18 Only according to Boris's..... head nodding MPs Bobin
Any petrol queues where you are gulliver?
From the latest report from the Office for Budget Responsibility:
"But the strength of the rebound in demand in the UK and internationally has led it to bump up against supply constraints in several markets. In the UK, these supply bottlenecks have been exacerbated by changes in the migration and trading regimes following Brexit".

Perhaps more importantly, from the OBR last May:
"The new trading relationship will reduce long-run productivity by 4 per cent relative to remaining in the EU"

"Both exports and imports will be around 15 per cent lower in the long run than if the UK had remained in the EU".

"New trade deals with non-EU countries will not have a material impact. This is because most of these largely replicate deals that the UK already had as a member of the EU and, in any case, they are likely to have only a very small and gradual impact on GDP".
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22.33 "Sovereignty" do you mean all that" Land of Hope and Glory"
and "Rule Britannia" that John Bull keeps spouting on ,,me old china,, .
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22.17 No.
I do, Gulliver.

That's not acceptance of a proposal mind.
There are no petrol queues where I am either, Gulliver. I’m in England.
Nor Wales. I can't workout why gulliver repeats the same points every few days for months on end. Do you want us to disagree and get upset or peiple who voted brexit ( not me guv) to say sorry we a made a dumb mistake we should of listened to you we're doomed forever and please take us back.
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The Govt watchdog thinks Brexit was Barking mad .
So any suggestions gulliver?
Doubtless the government watchdog is a mongrel, Gulliver.
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Let's face it, Brexit has been the biggest disaster that has happened to the UK in modern times but no one who voted leave has the courage to admit it ..end of.
And would it make you feel better if they did. Bless.
Phew! End of - that was brief if achingly familiar.
Question Author Let's face it, Brexit has been the biggest disaster that has happened to the UK in modern times

Got a feeling that Covid might stake a claim there

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