Trump Starts Law Suits

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Peter Pedant | 16:38 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | News
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The fed attorney general has authorised fed investigation of state elections
because he says he can
it is a state right but not exclusively - Barr says he can butt in if he think it is OK
The president has ordered him to

yes the president has ordered a so called independent official to investigate into whether the president has lost an election

Barr has obeyed but his chief flunkey resigned to avoid doing so

and 'we' have until Jan 20th to sort it all out.

oh a question - what do ABers think of this man made mess ?


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And beware the spurious trumpersnatch.
00:51 Wed 11th Nov 2020
Thanks Tomus, I could watch Stanley Unwin all day.
it seems Boris has sent rather double-edged congratulations to Biden.

I can only suppose it's accidental, but it's no way to make new friends
Question Author
sorry itch you were displaced by the silliest answer
ho hum - typical day on AB

ask about federal law suits - and you get stanley unwin
hey there is a link - trump's pleadings may read like stanley unwin - AB being prophetic for once
Question Author
o god it is vogon poetry (Douglas Adams see above)
he didnt even bother to make it up himself
a quick copy and paste and onto the next one .....just like a Brexit thread ....

Vote early, vote often. That's what wins elections.
My answer was just a cut and paste anyway :-)

Te the Johnson message to Biden: just another bit of mindblowing incompetence
//The most powerful man on earth ( Pres Trump that is!) hasnt tweeted for four days has he?//
Are you sure you haven't mistaken Trump for Putin or Xi Jinping?
Forget Scotty from marketing or Boris the mouthy.
Question Author
ah yes but you had read and sorted
and selected
Trump is up for a Noble prize - yes Noble

I am a bit gullible and think that if Trump says he has good evidence coming in - then he has....
on the grounds that no one says - - "I am gonna blow the defendant oudda the water - just watch!" - and then says later "Oh I decided not to"

thank s to everyone for their sensible answers ( they know who they are )

Question Author
// Are you sure you haven't mistaken Trump for Putin or Xi Jinping?//

Xi Jinping I earmark only as "obvious dad of Prince Archie" - the eyes give the game away.
and Putin - does the post come from Poland? No then it is not Putin

but I cold have - it has been a busy day
“ah yes but you had read and sorted and selected “

And had to put all the spaces back between the words!
Heartless you are, heartless :-)
I couldn't concentrate on this thread, laughing too much at TTT!
Crudites sur la plat Marge!
I just thought I'd give incomprehensible bow locks a try!
It worked!
As I said in another thread, imagine if voting irregularities were uncovered and the election had to be re run in certain states, there would be rioting in the streets.
Tomus; Deep joy in the fundamold
dave, I doubt they'd rerun they'd simply exclude any iffy ballots and see what the result is.
And given the result is likely to be 306-232 (as it was last time) that’s a lot of ballots

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Trump Starts Law Suits

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