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As an aside, he is the spitting image of my ex hubbie!
Mr Gill should not have been given that job, Mr Towler ought to have channeled his concerns via his employer and not social media.
Well said Mamyalynne.
Mr Gill deserved the job as he made a mistake and was duly dealt with by the legal system. He made a mistake and hopefully learned from his error.
Mr Towler should have kept his gob shut, and his ears and eyes open. Most definitely not have donned his judgemental hat and bleated to social media.
Question Author
So is it because he spoke out on FB?
I agree it was not the best course of action but given young people go for tests there he should of been vetted and clearly he wasn't !
I too agree with Mamya's post.
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Far be it for me to disagree with mLs post but perhaps Mr Towler should have been reprimanded not sacked !
Warned at least.
To me Bobbi it is the manner in which he went about things - what were his motives?

What did he expect Facebook or people reading his page to do?

He should have made sure his employers were aware and kept out of it.
I agree with mama,s post.

Is Lie in King and mamya the same person or dotheyjust share the same PC.......or.....Live together. If it isthe latter,the goodonyer..very sensible and best of luck.
There are many employers that are very strict about employees and their use of social media and discussing work related issues.
I have a huge problem with the guy in the article. He went about things the wrong way, and was sacked for breach of contract.
I (personally) don't consider sleeping with a 15 year old when you are 26 as paedophilia.
I agree Mr Tower should have said something directly to the company. I guess tha manner he exposed it, got him sacked.
Doesn't everybody use FB these days (not me), it seems to me that this is how things are done today!! Severly reprimanded perhaps, but not sacked.
I don't use twitface either marge.
I use Facebook to chat to family and friends, look at comical cat pics etc - I would not air my work grievances there though,there are official channels for that.
bednobs, it isn't paedophilia, it is rightly a sex crime. I wish the media would stop bandying that word about.

This sort of exposure makes my blood run cold as I will never forget this shocking case for as long as I live

Sex offenders are vile monsters who should be locked up. Vigilantes are also frightening.
Nor me TTT.
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I wouldn't know where to start with Tweet things ( thank God)

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