More Blame, More Lawsuits

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pastafreak | 12:20 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | News
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Trump is now blaming the FDA and drug company Pfizer for hurting his re-election chances by holding back on their announcement until after the election.


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I'm sure this will continue, in many forms, for a long time!
Bless his've got to love him and I for one will miss him.
I'm still laughing abut the Four Seasons debacle :D
Well he just wants to take as many people down with him as he can. The ramblings of a sad, desperate and lonely old man. His aides need to help him go away quietly.

The first impact analysis was carried out on 8 Nov by an external independent organisation from the Phase 3 clinical study, so they couldn't really announce any sooner.
Thank you Sqad, I will also miss him, not for his policies because there's very few I'd agree with but he has 'entertained' us for 4 years with his gaffes making us take a sharp intake of breath :0)
I wonder if he will refuse the attend the Inauguration? Nothing would surprise me.
That was only a matter of time
I did wonder that actually.
until everyone stops listening, he's just going to keep digging isn't he?
// I wonder if he will refuse the attend the Inauguration? //

How can he possibly attend? When you're claiming the whole result was fraudulent you can't suddenly condone it by taking part in the inauguration of the alleged fraudster.

The only things remaining to be seen are how he eventually gets removed, and what malicious damage he can do between now and then.
Nobody can say that he's not a trier.It would be funny if he did manage to get proof of any of his allegations.
He has a right to challenge the result.
When those challenges are over we will see what he does but he hasn’t many options other than concede, maybe ungracefully.
It’s surely not helping him that his chief ally on the legal front is Rudy Giuliani, who has become something of a joke figure and would be an embarrassment to anyone with any self respect
He challenged the result and claimed election fraud in 2016 until someone told him he'd won.
There have been some odd coincidences on this election. As I said on another thread they need looking at the full truth published and then all this can be put to bed.

Otherwise we get another 4 years of people whining like the Dems did.
//I wonder if he will refuse the attend the Inauguration? Nothing would surprise me//

I will be extremely surprised if he is there - I don't think he will
There is a Ukrainian businessman now claiming he was offered extradition immunity for a colleague of his in return for him making stuff up about Hunter Biden.
May be rubbish of course, but if it is it’s an odd time to be mentioning it.
If the vaccine had have been announced on Trumps watch , he would have claimed that he alone , single handed,with one arm tied behind his back invented it.
Is there any need to make stuff up about Hunter Biden?
It would seem so.
It may be a coincidence, but odd timing.

I wonder how long it will be before the UK Trump-knockers realize that Britain has lost a good friend & ally.

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More Blame, More Lawsuits

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