"How Many Deaths Does It Take"

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rich47 | 07:14 Wed 06th May 2020 | News
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The poor deranged US president's latest strategy is to try to convince the American people that the covid pandemic is behind them, is over, magically gone away and that he has achieved a great victory. His sole motivation is of course to get re-elected. Unfortunately the only thing Biden has going for him is that he is not Trump.


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//Spicey doesn't do explanations, just accuses everyone that disagrees with him of being stupid. It's easier.//

So you're insulting him by accusing him of insulting others. A little hypocritical methinks.
I was going to point it out, but then I'd have to explain how your interpretation of the figures is equally mistaken, and at that point I'd lost energy and had to do other stuff.

I agree that you specified death rate not death toll, but even that does the US no justice. The failure is the entire system's, in a way -- states applying disjointed approaches and often led by people with little or no insight -- but the man who takes "no responsibility at all" is the one with whom the buck ultimately stops.
// So you're insulting him by accusing him of insulting others. //

Yeah pretty much.
slightly different
Mike Pompeo telling Boobs Plett Usher - she is making another one and Plett-U biting back in a way they dont to the president

this is where she asks if Mike P has any er evidence that it all came from a Wuhan lab
( yeah of course but I am not telling ya)
And everyone thought Kim un jung was off his nut.
//And everyone thought Kim un jung was off his nut//

Come on, PP isn't that bad.
Ahhh- sooo !
Spice, I've asked you before but you didn't respond. What is it about Trump that you admire?
um boys - - - we are talking about one - Kim Jong un
great leader of North Korea arent we?
I am sorry for er being pedantic

(cries of foo what he mean den? dat slotty eyed one darn east - yeah duh dead wun - the ded one who aint ded anymore etc etc)
Oh, that's x2 then.
Poor old Joe, not only does he have to deal with the Don but also Kim Jong-Un (that was)....this is the result of the 3 week hiatus
Taking The Trump mindset into consideration and having read a lot of his proclamations I have come up with the theory that The Trump is hoping that Covid19 will disable all those in the US who do not support him and thereby leaving those who do ready to vote him into power again.
jim360//Smearing the death rate out across the entire US is misleading when the variation is huge.//

That's the way everyone does it, jim. If they cherry-picked certain areas for political reasons, the comparisons would become totally pointless.

// New York State is, by head, the worst-hit region anywhere, and two other states also appear currently to be running ahead of European countries.

Trump's connection to those particular chilling stats is incidental at best, to be sure.//

Which makes one wonder why you bothered to mention them at all.
Still, I'm glad you mentioned NY. There may be other factors but this might go some way to explain those 'chilling stats'.

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"How Many Deaths Does It Take"

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