Ooops, Here's Another Do As I Say Not As I Do Merchant!

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ToraToraTora | 09:26 Wed 06th May 2020 | News
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.....and this is the guy that induced lockdown!


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There’s already a thread on this, Tora. Which you’ve commented on.
Question Author
I had no idea what that thread was about ZM I contributed 1 word an a question mark. I don't speak PP.
you are hardly speaking from a position of strength ttt
Prof. Neil Ferguson was named at the top of PPs first paragraph, TTT.

Must admit, I find PPs posts/replies a little confusing but reading a second time, they make sense.
-- answer removed --
Most people understood that the thread was about Neil Ferguson. You didn’t need to speak PP for that.
Not always, Tora, just a wee bit of education and the patience to read past headlines.
Question Author
Tigger, it said "Prof Neil Ferguson has been called on to resign
He met and kissed a married lover against the govt's 'no bonking' rule" - that's as far as I read, I thought it was a thread about someone bonking his secretary. I had no idea who Neil Ferguson was until I read the headline on the news site this morning, I therefore had no idea it was the same story.
I think most people ‘got over’ their normal opinion of PP’s posts and gave him a chance that he was making a point for discussion. It’s rare he posts questions, so I thought I’d do him the courtesy of seeing what it was about.
yes but those of us who don't follow your posts avidly and don't bother to keep up with your abbrieviations have no idea what you are talking about. I also don't speak cockney rhyming slang, so have no idea what any of that means either. and then I get told off by you for not knowing what your gobbledegook means and told I must keep up! I have no idea how you think that's any different from a Peterpedant post.
perhaps you should take your own advice and "keep up" with PP?
I was also referring to the "do as I say..." botox of you convincing yourself picking up your son was necessary. Although I probably would have done the same thing, i wouldn't then moan about others being hypocritical.
Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE posted so they could be understood?
Well said Zacs
Question Author
so to recap, this thread is now about why it was raised because there was another on the same subject that Alan Turing would struggle with! PMSL, only on AB!
Must be a lot of Alan Turings on AB then. Maybe we should start a clique!
another Stasi victim ?
I really like PP, can’t follow his mindset but that doesn’t make him or me a bad person now does it?
I’d rather have 10 PP posts than ‘waspish’ diggy ones ,
I know, I know , no such word :0))))
I’ll say it here
I like the 3 Ts as well and like second guessing his rhyming slang :0)
PP doesn't seem to descend into name calling and other unpleasantness towards ABers so that is 1 tick for him and actually his posts are often amusing. Not hard to understand his posts.
Whey hey Douglas, I said it right , different context but what the ???? Hehe

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