There Is A Snake At No 10, Complains Top Scientist

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Peter Pedant | 08:13 Wed 06th May 2020 | News
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Prof Neil Ferguson has been called on to resign
He met and kissed a married lover against the govt's 'no bonking' rule that he was forerunner in supporting, along with his career, his computer models and pleas for a much larger department
Knives were out for him anyway
The Daily Telegraph tracked his movements, every flick of the hips they say - with relish ! They have got their scalp !

SO the prof has gone amidst Tory MPs insisting the non socialising rules are so strict that they wonder how babies get made

and what do Abers think?

does a computer modeller who established his reputation during the BSE crisis and getting it wrong ( 100 deaths and not 100 000) - have to keep his trousers on? Is there really a snake in the grass ( grass = tell tale geddit?) at No 10? (*) The nation wonders....

(*) frigidus, O pueri, fugite hinc, latet anguis in herba. "You boys ..... run away from here, a cold snake hides in the grass." - a classics quote just like Boris - in case AB ers expect it - Horrid Horace by the way)


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I heard a conspiracy theorist claiming it was a sort of set up job to catch him out and the timing was done to bury the bad news of our death toll being the highest in Europe.
I think he knew he had to resign as it was his own advice he was breaching.
I suspect though that there may be other COBR members and ministers who must be worried about their own movements in recent weeks.
Now if he'd come clean and moved her into his household in early March he would have been okay.
Do you have a link, PP?
A look at most newspaper front pages and news channels today would give what you need Zacs
Horses for courses. One rule for Hancock and another for him.
They don't call it COBRA for nothing, a snake indeed, sometimes like a python, a Monty one.
Why, what has Hancock done to breach the lockdown, Theland?
"There Is A Snake At No 10, Complains Top Scientist"

Damn reptilian overlords
Stupidity knows no intelligence bounds. Silly man.
Did Hancock not drive this parents house a few weeks ago?
It was a foolish act, but on it's own I'd not consider such a slip-up to be a leaving issue. The question should be, how valuable was he in his job. If not very, then there's a good reason to find a better position elsewhere; but if valuable then an admission, apology, and understanding not to repeat such again, should be sufficient.

As for BSE, again one was dealing with unknowns. If the methodology used seemed right at the time then one can't reasonably hold that against someone. Merely understand how accurate or inaccurate such predictions of the unknown can be.
Did Hancock kiss his parents goodbye ?
That was Robert Jenrick, Theland. He said he was delivering essentials and medication to his parents due to them having to isolate.
Considering there are thousands of grandparents who would give anything to have their grandchildren visit for a cuddle, I think Ferguson got off lightly and as well as his resignation he should be given a hefty fine.
Not even vaguely surprised, baser instincts take over even in the midst of a pandemic.

I know of someone in an Occupational Health Dept who has committed similar indiscretions.
People just weigh up the odds, take into account their prevailing condition and roll the dice.
Well some people do chilldoubt. I would presume looking at the empty streets that they are in the minority though. A professor who initiated the lockdown, and your anecdotal occupational therapist should know better, and shout be outed and disciplined appropriately.
Its the trouser snake that needs to be brought under control.
Former minister David Davis tweeted: "A bigger issue than Professor Ferguson's private life is the accuracy of his model. When applied to the Swedish policy it forecast 40,000 deaths by now, over 15 times the reality."

Old_Geezer, ''If the methodology used seemed right at the time then one can't reasonably hold that against someone. Merely understand how accurate or inaccurate such predictions of the unknown can be''.

In two or three years time we should know if the Swedish Government got it right. Sadly, governments are judged the instant there's a spike in the figures - why be so generous when the scientists get it wrong?
The deaths that will come as a direct consequence of the current economic collapse will form part of the equation in time - only then will we know who got it right.
I heard Lorne,bacon and my big mate coffee calling but Boris and his trouser snake has scared them away.
Cheers ...goddam yoons
Proff Masie, how can you apply a model to a country with a completely different geographical populace spread and expect it to be accurate?
another Stasi victim ?

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There Is A Snake At No 10, Complains Top Scientist

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