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Left / Right & The Virus

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Khandro | 12:22 Sat 07th Mar 2020 | News
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'..... If you look on social media, you will find there is a broad right-left split. The left thinks we are all going to die and that this is the consequence of human selfishness and eating meat and capitalism and Trump and Boris and people flying everywhere. They believe that the 500,000 [deaths] figure is an underestimate: they yearn for disaster, to believe that it is happening, that we are all doomed and it serves us right.

The right, broadly, remains as dismissive of the virus as it was during stage one, pointing out that even in countries that don’t have proper drains or representative democracy, the death rate from Covid-19 is still stubbornly low — yes, even in Iran. They challenge the headlines and the experts, suggesting that people are dying more rapidly of other ailments and that the stats for Covid-19 so far don’t add up to a hill of beans, in the grand scheme of things.....'

So says Rod Liddle, where are you?


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//The death toll in Iran is rather high. //

145 out of a population of 81 million. That's high?
You can't really say that 145 deaths out of 81 million is high or low, its got to be based on how long Iran as had the virus, and how quick these deaths occurred surely. ??
Rather high for the number of cases (!)
Queuing up to lick icons probably helps the spread in Iran. ;-/
Hope they've shut the Blarney Stone.
Unusually I am with Ich.

Time for sensible precautions but no need for worry just yet.
If you want to make political capital out of a social phenomenon, go right ahead.

It's nonsense, but don't let that get in your way.
yeah foo !

the large stranded liner - Grand Princess - they were going to sail out to sea - turn it around, and drive at high speed at a pier
and rename it Princess Di !

had to post that somewhere and you won

all the punters are over 60 which only goes to show who is rich enough for one of these cruises. Strikes me as obvious that the crew paid a pittance as usual, signed up from the last cruise which had corona for the new cruise and gave them corona
because they needed the money

politicizing a disease is always a bad idea - look at HIV - the experts warned Reagan that if he ignored it, then it wold cost the American economy $ 1 tn - yup that is a trillion
he ignored it and ......

our fave Prez seems to have taken some advice from his health officers. Now no mention of the big warl keeping it all out

and we wait and see
I'm being a bit careful. I'm 70, but asthmatic and I am prone to chest infections (bronchitis last year took 3 months to clear), so I've had the pneumonia vaccination as well as 'flu, but I gather that doesn't help. Mr J2 is 86 with heart problems (triple bypass in 2000) and no way do I want to bring this virus into the house. So I have, sadly, told the school where I volunteer that I'm giving it a break for a few weeks and when I pick-up the grandkids on Mon. I'm staying in the car and they can walk up the road to find me.

I'm far from panicking, but think this is sensible. I wish we weren't singing in a concert on Wed., but I've not heard of any cases in this area, so fingers crossed.
// 145 out of a population of 81 million. That's high?//

oh God spot the non sequitur again

145 out of the number of people with the disease (*) and not the number of people in the country - Jesus
this has to be AB = mouth wide open before brain engages
and I predict that it is 2%
( for the simple reason they got preezon if they say owt else)

(*) this is the case fatality ratio (NOT rate - time is not involved) and the number is always an overestimate and usually falls with time

I don't believe it's a left/right issue for even a moment.
The death rate of Italian virus sufferers seems quite high, but still not enough to panic over. Old folk need special care though.
Age wise and health wise I'm well on my way to the pearly gates long before Corvid dumped itself in our laps. As they say,'You never get to heaven if you don't die first'. I am not worried and I am on the right side. :-)
I'd not heard that saying Robocop, it's a nice one.
// so I've had the pneumonia vaccination as well as 'flu, but I gather that doesn't help.//
o the lady I heard ( deputy CMO) thought it a good idea

the thing about spanith flu in 1918 ( when dat den etc .....) was that a famous microbiologist kept on culturing H Influenzae ( the name - geddit ??) from victims dying BUT
couldn t reproduce the illn ess with H influenae in an animal model

later shown to be a super-infection

at present we have no real idea why the over 80s are croaking
Dunno about being on the right side; do you know what the pass mark is ?
Can we take some mocks first ?
I'm in my 70's and just carrying on as normal. Been for a game of golf today. Going Asda later. Keep calm and carry on. Where have I heard that before?
// Going Asda later. //

the one on alan turing way was 'normal' this morning ....
( no FT )
// If you want to make political capital out of a social phenomenon, go right ahead.//
excuse me corona virus infection is NOT really a social phenomenon
it is more a microbiological phenomenon

( altho I suppose you cd say the social response is sociological)
That one's too posh for me, Peter. Residents of Beswick; Bradford; Clayton; Gorton and .......Newton Heath. All stuck up gits! ;o)
I take it you've done a very comprehensive study of what's happening on social media, Khandro. I mean, you wouldn't just read a few extracts to form your conclusion. Would you?
Jourdain, mon cher

//I'd not heard that saying Robocop, it's a nice one. //

I confess. I nicked it from Lt. Peter Handcock who was played by Australian Bryan Brown in the great play,' Breaker Morant'
Having been found guilty of shooting Boer captives, by a British Court Martial, and sentenced to death by firing squad he quipped that saying with a smile on his face.
He came up with a few amusing little quips throughout the play.
During the court martial it was established he was having a liaison with the wife of a Boer prisoner held in the notorious British concentration camps. When asked by the stuffy,bristling General who was chairing the enquiry what he had to say for himself he replied, 'Well the way I see it ,mate, is that a slice of a cut loaf is rarely missed!
Those phrases/sayings have stuck with me for years. :-)

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Left / Right & The Virus

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