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Planning A Trip To Italy?

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Buenchico | 01:36 Sun 08th Mar 2020 | News
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Anyone planning a trip to Italy should note that all of the areas shown in red here will be under quarantine until at least April 3rd, with nobody allowed in or out without good reason:

Shops, bars and restaurant will be allowed to stay open but only if they ensure that their customers and staff are kept one metre apart from each other. (Don't ask me how they're expected to do it!)

As Corriera de la Sera's English language website isn't yet carrying the story (and the BBC News website lacks some detail), here's the Italian version translated by Google:


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PS: Looking again at the last paragraph of that second link suggests that a lot of places outside of the 'red zones' will also have rules in place that might affect tourists.
shame, Rimini's under quarantine just as they're trying to celebrate Fellini's centenary.
indeed (though it looks as if the best of it is over), and I'd hope the quarantine won't last that long - I suppose 40 days is the etymological limit.
I wonder if public transport is still operating? It would be pretty difficult to implement the one metre rule there too - and how effective is it anyway?
Looks like more than one person dying per hour in a 24 hr period is the watershed point.
//Even religious ceremonies, including funerals .... are to be banned.//

I assume they'll bury bodies without ceremony then.
A good reason being vedi Napoli e poi muori ?
red zone - so zad eez a left wing virus huh?

in wuhan or whoa!-han as we know call it - if you sneaked out of your compound and stayed over [night] somewhere
the team leader would call up - and say - you go back there and stay for two weeks and then you can come back here !

one of the earliest Italian sufferers was buried before the results of an autopsy were known. Turned out he'd infected his family (after a visit to north Italy), who then infected more family and friends at the funeral. That's how these things spread.
Just heard on BBC News that tourists are not included in this. Eh???
they obviously want to keep the tourism industry going and have lots of people take souvenirs of Italy home with them...
ryanair to busy to answer the phone had me hanging on for 20 minutes before i hung up,we are suppose to be going to pisa on the 7th april,still waiting to see if our flight is cancelled.
I have friends who live in Pisa, Jordy. They're all working from home.
I can't understand tourists wanting to go there! I would cancel if I had already booked.
thanks for that information naomi,
i dont think it would be advisable for us to go,
my wifes immune system is not the best.
Probably for the best, Jordy.
I am due to embark on a cruise to the Mediteranian which goes down to Lisbon, and lasts a week.

At the moment, I am waiting to see the situation, including if the ship will even be full enough to make the trip viable.

My wife has an option to travel with me, and again like Jordy, she has immune system issues, so we are waiting until the deadline date to confirm travel, or not.
Lisbon isn't on the Mediterranean. I'd be interested to know if the company cancels though.

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Planning A Trip To Italy?

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