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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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AB Editor | 10:16 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
159 Answers

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With renewed talk about an in/out EU referendum, how would you vote, given the simple choice of:

  • Get Out Of The EU - 104 votes
  • 62%
  • Stay In The EU - 63 votes
  • 38%

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Voted, Out
Me too
Voted to stay in.
Out with a capital O!
voted out with no doubt !!
Voted to stay in. But as the majority so far voted, have voted to leave, why I am not surprised ? As your previous referendums have shown, right-wingers outnumber left wingers on here !
An overwhelming OUT.
Mikey why is this left/right argument? Surely it's a question of being ruled by foriegners or not and there must be those from left and right with the same views on that.

Not necessarily Right Wingers, just more who hold a different opinion to yourself.
AOG...that isn't true. When Ed had a similar thread, about the Election, a majority who voted were right wing. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that, just pointing out the obvious.
Agree TTT, but its far more likely that Tory voters will vote OUT, rather than IN.

So a right-wing answerbank, a right wing government, along with a majority right wing press and their propaganda, I think you must be carry a large piece of Milliband's stone tablet on your shoulders.
Labour has its eurosceptic problems TTT, but they pale into insignificance when compared to the Tories.

I will predict that this Referendum will tear the Tory Party apart, just as European issues have before. I don't envy dave his job in trying to keep his Party was the ruin of Major after all.

Remember the Bar Stewards !
AOG...silly drivel ! I shall continue to fight my corner, even if I am the last poster on here to do so, of that you may be assured !
Mikey, //its far more likely that Tory voters will vote OUT, rather than IN. //

Naomi.....Because the eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party, or the euroseptic, as my old Mum liked to call them, have never liked us being in the EU, and have used the issue in the past as a way of continuing in-fighting within their own Party. As I have said, it was a major factor in the demise of Major, and it may very well be dave's bete noire as well.
You can hope. (Was your mum always old too - just like your dad?).

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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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