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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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AB Editor | 10:16 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
159 Answers

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With renewed talk about an in/out EU referendum, how would you vote, given the simple choice of:

  • Get Out Of The EU - 104 votes
  • 62%
  • Stay In The EU - 63 votes
  • 38%

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Most definitely IN. I know first hand how the EU works and it is not, as many people on here seem to believe, a "foreign, unelected, corrupt organisation" chipping away at 'our sovereignty' and forcing 'their' rules on 'us'.

Leaving the EU would be political and economic suicide.
I'm sure a lot of the large Company's would look elsewhere to establish their business causing further unemployment in the UK, I would also like the UK to Govern it's own affairs such as the Justice System, this should not be over ruled by Brussels, I also think the Euro should be scrapped after Greece / Spain / had problems with the Currency, previously they had no issues with original currency.
we seem to be being told what to do, from judges who can't run their own countries, and we are paying through the nose for the privilege, too many people claiming for things that they haven't contributed to , and so it goes on, build our defences, and streamline our hospitals, with the money that we now give to the EU.
Fool me once 1975' shame on you. Fool me twice 2017 shame on me. OUT.
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I would like to see a list of pros and cons and how being in or out of the EU would affect taking a holiday in Europe! ;)
We are not isolated. We still have the commonwealth. Remember that? Not forgetting that the rest of the world exists, of course.
methyl, notice how America is worried about the UK losing it's clout and not the EU, so just how much clout do you think the EU has and would they use it?
Voted out.

Makes me wonder how as an isolated island we survived before joining the EU.
Ann, the EU didn’t invent holidays on the Cote d’Azur - and the French will sell them to all comers regardless of membership. You'll be fine. ;o)
LOL Naomi - just wondered! Couldn't do without my hols! ;)
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methyl, can't help thinking you're being a bit dramatic.
O dear! Better take another hol to Lanzarote quick then Methyl! :))
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Are we afraid of being on our own, out of Europe?

Did we think that when we stood against Napoleon and Hitler?

No thanks to the umpteenth Republic and the Fourth Reich

That was then, this is now.
the Americans and the Russians offered a teensy weensy bit of help against Hitler. The Prussians did the same against Napoleon.
There's have been quite a few myths spouted out here from the doomsayers. You guys should read this...

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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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