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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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AB Editor | 10:16 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
159 Answers

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With renewed talk about an in/out EU referendum, how would you vote, given the simple choice of:

  • Get Out Of The EU - 104 votes
  • 62%
  • Stay In The EU - 63 votes
  • 38%

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methyl , //I have been following the debates in the European Parliament courtesy of the Parliament Channel. Have you?//

No, I haven’t. I don’t watch nearly as much television as you.

//the Americans and the Russians offered a teensy weensy bit of help against Hitler. //

See^ methyl? There’s hope for us yet. Neither are members of the EU. ;o)

at "teensy weensy bit of help". Apparently, it still rankles with the Russians that the Americans more or less stood back and let them finish off the taking of Berlin. House to house fighting costs hundreds of lives per mile.


"I would like to see a list of pros and cons "

Good start…

"and how being in or out of the EU would affect taking a holiday in Europe! ;)"

…I don't wish to be rude but that's a bit self-centred, isn't it?

I am horrified to think that millions could base their decision on thinking at this level.

Then again, we lurrrrve queuing. Putting the drawbridge up could mean hours of extra hanging around in airport terminals, waiting for passport checks. Such fun!

I voted OUT, btw. It's nothing political, I'm just a sadist… who doesn't even go abroad.



It would be too much like hard work to start the whole "we are independant" thing after all these years.

It would be as naive as ... well, the Scottish Nationalists, I suppose.
Definitely in - and with some realignment on immigration/employment regs, UK benefit payments, along with more consistency on tax and pension treatments....we need the advantages of being in one of the world's major trading blocks. Trying to go it alone is delusional and economically/socially suicide.
// Trying to go it alone is delusional and economically/socially suicide.//

No it is not, that myth is generally perpetrated by those who have something to personally gain by membership - ie snouts in trough politicians.

I agree a trading deal is good, that is what we sighed up to originally. The problem is even if we sign to a similar deal along the lines you suggest, another 'New labour' will come along and sell us down the Swanee again.
I don't think that leaving the EU would be a disaster -- except possibly in the short-term, but that depends on how people react to a No vote. Long-term, though, it just seems to me to be heading in the wrong direction. I would vote to stay in.
I am with DTC here. One of the arguments that is given by the OUT brigade is that we won't have all those awful foreigners over "stealing our jobs"

But if we pull out and send all the awful foreigners home, who is going to step in to do the jobs that they are currently doing ? Like the thousands that are currently working in the NHS for instance ?

Our long-term unemployed and unemployable perhaps ?
naomi; lots of posts but no answer, are you shy?
I'm undecided, sort of in and out, but I'm amazed at the response on here.
I think an E.U referendum ...or the threat of such, can only strengthen the U.K.position within Europe.I vote out.
Khandro, //naomi; lots of posts but no answer, are you shy? //

Sorry, not with you?
delboy:" I know first hand how the EU works and it is not, as many people on here seem to believe, a "foreign, unelected, corrupt organisation" chipping away at 'our sovereignty' and forcing 'their' rules on 'us'. " - so how is it then delboy because that's is exactly how it appears to most of us.

If you want the EUSSR to rule this country and tell you how to live your life then vote to stay in..however...

if you want the elected government of this soveriegn nation to then vote to get out.

The EUSSR will give minor concessions to Dave now because they need us to stay in, in the full knowledge that they will get them back and more over the coming years if we stay in.
Nothing but total rule over the UK will be acceptable as time goes on.
you cannot have an empire if you dont control everything and everybody in it, just ask the Romans !.

And the bigger the empire the harder the fist thats needed to control and rule it (yet again look back at the roman and most other empires over history !)

We would be the jewel in the crown of the eussr and they will stop at nothing to get it and keep it.
They are nothing without the UK and they know it, but we dont need them, never have and never will for the foreseable future.

Out is like closing all supermarkets to save the corner shop!

1.for maximum trade.
2. Commwealth use GB as a gateway into EE trade.
3.USA alliance is stronger because GB of EE clout.
4.Same " " for Commonwealth
5.Military/war support, if/when.
Not worth the cost of being dictated to by an undemocratic elite. It's more like closing the rival global industry out to allow your supermarket to trade again on your own terms. Anyway I'm sure the fear arguments are much exaggerated anyway. No point in staying aboard the sinking ship. Has Greece been cast overboard yet ?
voted out.

TTT, you mean that's what many (particularly on this web forum) choose to believe.

I worked for the European Commission for 15 years and no, I was never brainwashed or fed any propaganda (and never overpaid, either!), so I hope I have some understanding of what the EU stands for and how much the UK must remain as an integral part.

Excuse me, Ed., but wouldn't it be an idea to extend this poll to the one at the top which you get as soon as you log in? Might be more representational.

^^^my post, EE should read EU. (dementia moment ;)

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