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teacake44 | 16:47 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Current Affairs
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Daily case rate slightly down, daily case rate slightly up, 30 more than yesterday, but 100 less than last month on the same day. But 2000 up on this time six months ago, 20 more people in hospital on the same day 3 weeks ago, but 25 less than 4 weeks ago. Testing is down on last week, but kids are on holiday, but still up on 12 months ago. How much longer is this rubbish going to continue. And it seems now people are refusing to go back to work, well if you've been getting paid to stop at home, what did they expect.

Just out of interest, if we have a large amount of people catching flu in the winter, are people going to refuse to go to work, in case they catch it themselves, and will government pay them? Its about time all this crap came to a stop.


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It is rare that I, too, agree with teacake - but here I do.
I wonder how many people who agree with teacake are retired and don’t have to mix with others if they choose not to?
I'm retired and choose to mix with other people and have abandoned my mask - does that help ??
// How much longer is this rubbish going to continue.//

a disease that has killed 120 000 here and 500 000 and rising in the land of the free - free to infect others that is !
is hardly rubbish

I hardly ever agree with teekers and this is another example of old age Macmillan crap Jesus
// I'm retired and choose to mix with other people and have abandoned my mask - does that help ??//

yes - your mental health

BUT -secret testing has shown that ---- you are mixing with your own age group ( old shall speak to the old and no one else) and they are 90% immune or more

and if you do speak to anyone under 20, it is a relation and in a house.

The olds ran to be vaccinated like tommies to the foxholes in the Great war - to the wonder of the teenage helpers in the clinics. They were all gobsmacked at our ability to act as units of 100. (10x10 phalanxes moving as one). What I didnt realise was : they were thinking: we wont do that when our time comes.....

a third of under 25s and eligible ( over 18 I think ) are still mooning around talking about freedom
my daughter went into work last Saturday, in a pub belonging to a certain well-known company - she was one of 21 staff on duty and covid free. 17/21 professed to have covid inc. the manager. The said company sent out two e-mails to all their brands, 'take off your masks, customers want to see your faces' (where was the market reseaarch for that?) and then, even worse and bordering a legal question, 'remove your NHS app from your mobile phone as we don't want dinging on the premises. IMO disgraceful.

She now has covid, NHS Track & Trace contacting her on Monday and she's now isolating - and she has an low case of underlying Lyme's Disease. I'm spitting.....
I'm sorry to read that, DT especially after all she's been through.

She isn't alone from what I am reading. So many young people now suffering one way or another because of the selfish ones. I wish her a speedy recovery.
//...but for those can work from home I don't see a problem not rushing back to the office.//

Well I do:

Try contacting almost any organisation. Their first response (if you manage to get through at all, that is) will be "Because of Covid, many of our colleagues are working from home. This means we cannot provide the level of service we normally would..." (or similar). The DVLA is all but defunct for anything other than online applications (many processes cannot be conducted online). Many large organisations are providing what can only be described as third rate service. Companies have had almost eighteen months to sort themselves out. Many are simply carrying on providing shoddy service "because of Covid".

It is now clear (and accepted by many employers) that the career progression of many of their people (especially the younger ones) is being severely compromised by more than a year of working from a stool at their kitchen worktop with their laptop propped up against the toaster. They are not getting the coaching and development they need which they would when in an office surrounded by more experienced colleagues from whom they can learn.

Add to that the devastating effect WFH has had on town and city centres who have seen their retail and hospitality sectors decimated.

//" And it seems now people are refusing to go back to work,"

Who are these "people" and what is your source of such a claim?//

Here’s some:

And some more:

And a study on the issue:

And an HR viewpoint:

For most businesses WFH is a short term expedient, not a satisfactory long term strategy. It may suit some employees; some employers may be able to accommodate it without jeopardising their business too much. But overall it is disastrous, not only for the reasons I have pointed out but many more. It needs to be ended forthwith.
^I`m just waiting for the lawsuits regarding data protection breaches due to people working from home. They might not happened yet but they will..
I went to Blackpool last sunday.
The place was heaving!
I wore no mask, I couldnt possibly socially distance,
The coach was packed to capacity.

No ill effects since.

During the pandemic Ive continued to work (for which I have been lambasted, despite having to)
Ive used public transport and visited shops...because Ive had to.

No ill effects so far!
Ive taken care of my dying mum, despite been warned not to (sick)
And engaged with NORMAL relations with my family.

Best wishes to you Daughter DTC, that's quite alarming.
My local rag has recently reported that over 900 care home residents have died with covid.

Been that they all have been double jabbed that raises a few questions...

1) They died WITH Covid and not OF it, so why report that in the first place?
2) If they died OF it, then the jab not only doesnt work but it exacerbates death of the vulnerable.
thanks gness and Mamya, she's not suffering too much - they vaccinated her back in April/early May - the only thing has been her body suddenly going into an unexpected period....hate to be gross, but her doc looked at the blood and said, 'N, we know that because of your Lyme's and being a redhead, you are a medical nut case. What's happening is that your body has decided to evict anything 'surplus', perhaps in response to both the Covid and the's therefore told you that you are pregnant and you are not, that we know...though this 'message' can tip the PCR results the wrong way into a false neg.'

So they don't really know but she is isolating....her next PCR is Monday - the LFTs a mixture of results! Better safe than exposing herself though. Now it looks like her BF may have it - but not off her!

The Customer Service Covid excuse is phoney. Customer Service has been declining for years as Companies cut back on their workforce. This has the spin-off advantage in Customer Service Call Centres that it reduces the number of calls handled which of course in turns reduces the number of complaints which then gets put forward as evidence of "improving".
However, I am pished off at the actions of her Group HR department - I'm almost tempted to name them here. Shame we don't have the immunity of the House of Commons!
//I`m just waiting for the lawsuits regarding data protection breaches due to people working from home.//

Quite right, 237.The next big thing after that for M'Learned Friends will be the absolute feeding frenzy those in the employment law sector will enjoy when employers try to impose "No Jab, No Job" policies. The government in its usual inimitable fashion has abrogated its responsibility in that matter. It cannot impose compulsory vaccination but is complicit in encouraging employers to join in its coercion policies.
On a cheerier note, did you visit Uddingston, home of the Tunnocks Teacake when you were here, tc?
you posted one Link about USA workers,another a survey by an air sanitizer company and another an almost year old survey from a Public Relations company. None of your 4 Links have "people going to refuse to go to work".

I agree with you that continuity and the level and standard of service in many cases are shocking due to this working from home situation, but after over a year of Government and compliant media fear porn, some people are fearful of returning to their offices, but still prepared to CONTINUE working.
To be fair, I have been in situation whereby "No jab, no job" was in the work contract. There were exemptions though (people who were HIV+)
//some people are fearful of returning to their offices,//

Some might be. However, if others are, they have a funny way of showing it. I have met people in pubs who are WFH; Mrs NJ and I had a meal in a restaurant last week with two other couples, all WFH. My next door neighbours are WFH. They have had two large-ish garden parties recently (one where all the guests had to abandon indoors due to the weather). All the people I know who are WFH regularly shop. One went to Wembley for the football. It seems they have no qualms about going anywhere except, of course, for the office. They love WFH. Most of those I know have suitable accommodation so what's not to like? Quite whether their employers are getting the best from them I couldn't say, but personally I doubt it.

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