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Car Warranty

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smurfchops | 09:09 Sat 23rd Mar 2024 | Motoring
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I have a warranty with the dealer when l bought my car.  They can't fix my problem for a couple of months but said to take to a garage, the garage can find out that l have a warranty by the car registration.  So how do the garage get paid? 



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The warranty may be backed up by an insurance company so the insurer will pay. As happens if to take out a warranty independent of the garage where you bought the car.

A lot of warranties are covered by insurance policies. It has at least two advantages; you are covered if the garage goes bust or changes hands and also if you are away from home when you have a breakdown.

PS. find out if the garage will claim direct or if you have to pay & then claim from the insurer.

You haven’t said what the fault is with your car.

You need to ensure that whatever is wrong is covered by the warranty.  Once the garage determines what is wrong, you should then contact the warranty company and ask if the fault is covered – otherwise you could find yourself responsible for paying the garage repair bill.

Check up with the garage you go to, but my guess is that the garage claims the costs back from the dealer or the insurance company.

Can't fix it for a couple of months?

Don't want to, more like.

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Car Warranty

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