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johntheplamf | 17:32 Sun 09th Oct 2005 | Motoring
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I have a 4 year old Ford Focus, Which over the past Month has developed Rust next to both wing mirrors. On the Ford warranty, it says the only things i am not covered for is stone chippings and Bird droppings causing rust. I have now taken the car to Two Ford dealers who say the car is not covered because it is caused by moving parts i.e. The Mirrors, and unless the car is Less than 2 years old, it is not covered. In the Warranty book, it says Focus cars are covered for 12 years against rust(Except the factors i named above). I am paying the car finance, so what i want to know is, have i got a case to get the car fixed, and to whom do i claim??


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Below is a link to Ford's site where it stipulates the exact terms of the perforation warranty.

I would say you do have a claim John, if the paperwork does not stipulate ANYWHERE that rust around moving parts is not covered then they're are telling your porkies.  I mean, honestly! have you ever heard the liked!!  My friend has a 12 year old car and does not have rust anywhere - nevermind around moving parts.

You keep at them and if you don't get a satisfactory answer from that dealer, I'd be inclined to go to Ford themselves.

Good luck

With most cars, there is a seperate book called the bodywork inspection book or similar - like a normal warranty book, it should be filled in annually by a dealer (probably should be Ford) to say that everything is okay.

Like a normal warranty claim, if that isn't done, they will reject your claim. I assume you, like most people, haven't had it checked annually (as mentioned in the link)

Now since it is purely an inspection, there may be a way round this - its not like they are doing any work on the vehicle. Obviously if you went to a dealer having not had it serviced and said it had stopped working, thyy would not honour their warranty (and with good reason).

As Dakota says, I would complain as high as possible at the dealers, go to Ford direct and also note that the finance company is potentially liable (if you have it on a Hire Purchase agreement as opposed to a loan agreement) - this may be your best bet as you can threaten them with not paying - which tends to concentrate the mind more than a normal complaint.

The ford dealers should not have any hidden agenda as any warranty work is paid for by ford motor company

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