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Car Drivers To Bailout Cash Strapped Local Councils - Is Yours On The List?

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Hymie | 21:43 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | Motoring
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Apparently 85 out of 152 councils have applied for the powers that will allow them to collect fines from drivers for infractions such as entering bus lanes, making illegal U-turns and not following the rules when entering junction-boxes.


There is a junction-box close to where I live; I could count the number of times I have observed vehicles obeying the rules at this box on the fingers of one hand – lots of money to be made there.



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All of those things are currently finable. If they are going to crack down a bit more then great. Nothing to see here.

Question Author

I can confidently predict that while the money collected by these councils from such schemes is currently zero, it will run into hundreds of millions of pounds per annum when all 85 councils' income is summed.

It's great that someone is enforcing traffic laws that are largely going in prosecuted at the moment. That's a good thing isn't it?

un prosecuted

....yes I'm delighted to say mine is on the list.

Question Author

I can also confidently predict that by fining drivers for these infractions, there will be no reduction in road traffic accidents as a result – only a result for the council’s, collecting money.

Mine isn't on the list

great, dosh comes in more drivers obey the rules, win win. What is the downside Hymie? Are yellow boxes confusing to you?

Oooh, will they, the enforcers, have a comedy, ill-fitting uniform and, most importantly, English as a first language?

Empty the bins and fix the roads you useless ***!

Too right, Doug!..

Panorama this week highlighted a council that has no choice but to spend 70% of its total budget on social care.  One child is costing over £1m a year.

The quote was over 70% of the budget is spent on a handful of people and the majority of council tax payers don't see or understand where the money goes.



It might be time to spread it about a bit then.

I don't agree with local authorities being able to levy penalties for traffic offences. However.... it is clear that the police lack either the will or the resources to properly police these minor infringments. But they need to be enforced and rather than nobody enforce them, I'd prefer somebody did.

Many motoring infringements have been "decriminalised" for many years. I don't know what is particularly new about this latest developement, but my LA has been enforcing box junctions, no right turns and other similar offences for many years.

Of course there is a simple remedy for those not wanting to contribute to the LAs' coffers - simply obey the driving regulations.

I don't have a problem with traffic laws and regulations being enforced as long as the penalties are proportionate. Any money raised should be used for keeping roads in good repair. I also believe that fines should be based on a percentage of the earnings of the person committing the offence.

"I also believe that fines should be based on a percentage of the earnings of the person committing the offence."

The penalties are fixed. Only when matters get to the Magsitrates' Court are they income-based. However, the proportionality issue needs examination. The penalty for driving in a bus lane in London is £160. The fixed penalty (levied by the police) for driving at up to 49mph in a 30mph limit or at up to 95mph in a 70mph limit is £100. Comparing the potential harm that could result from each of the two offences, that isn't right.

NJ, the difference in the potential harm is recognized by the imposition of points on a licence for the speeding offence which doesn't apply to driving in a bus lane.

While not a motoring offence, not picking up a dog egg apparently attracts a fine of £80, more if you're not quick in paying.

Lawmakers do seem to pluck stuff out of thin air.

douglas, the law requires the council to provide certain services to those in need of social care.  If you want council tax money to be 'spread around a bit more' we would all be paying a lot more council tax. 

My town is on the list but the places I drive don't seem to have much in the way of yellow boxes, bus lanes, etc.

As said - infringements of traffic regs should be dealt with. If not the cops it might as well be the council.

As there are less and less and less smokers, the govt and councils have got to make up for the loss of tax on tobacco, so the motorist is the obvious option. I've been saying that for years. Also lots more tax could be raised by increasing taxes on alcohol and betting. Those two things cause ten times more problems in this country than the affects of smoking. 

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Car Drivers To Bailout Cash Strapped Local Councils - Is Yours On The List?

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