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JinnyJoan | 15:44 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Motoring
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I bought a 2019 i10 car in September last year and now and again when you turn on the ignition, car won't start, turn it again and won't start, turn it 3rd time and it whinnys into life.

I am just in from the dealer who sold it to me (big concern) and he took it round to their mechanics and he came back to me and said computer said there's nothing wrong with it.

So I am in the position that when it happens again with me if I was to bring it back to them - it doesn't happen.

I know it couldn't be battery as after one or two turns your battery wouldn't start at all.

Don't know what to do now - any advice would be welcome cos salesman just dismissed it.  "computer found nothing wrong".  



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i think i wouldnt worry about it.  if it happens now and then, and all you have to do is turn the key 3 times, what's the problem?

Yep, don't need mechanics now. I didn't know a computer was needed to start a car. Turn the key, via the solenoid and battery, start motor kicks in, off you go. Or is that too simple/

Was it a big dealer or one at the end of the street type dealer


Just could be a fuel management or pump problem 3rd engine rotation delivers the fuel required to start  the vapour from the carb into combustion chamber.

Question Author

a very big dealer

Then go back to them, tell them that you are not satisfied and you are giving them the opportunity to fix it or else you will take it further


Question Author

red - if you read the post - I am just in from the dealership

I read your post and I stick by what I said.

Go back and tell them to fix it or else

Question Author

or else what

You will take it further

trading standards

social media


Is it possible that the key is a bit difficult to turn and that you don't turn it enough, until frustration gives you extra strength on the third attempt?

What do you mean by "doesn't start"? Does the engine turn over at all or is there silence?

No atheist key slides in very easy 

Bhg. Complete silence

I have an i10 but mine is a bit older than yours.  I have to depress the clutch before mine will start.  I don't know if yours is the same.

Complete silence means the starter motor isn't turning the engine. The fault could be as simple as dirty connections on the battery (cheap to fix), a faulty relay (slightly more expensive) or a faulty starter motor (could be expensive). A competent garage should be able to fix it, although it might take several attempts due to its intermittent nature.

You need to see if there is a pattern here. Does it do this from a completely cold engine or when the engine is hot or when it's warm (i.e. perhaps been standing for an hour or so after it was hot).

If there is a pattern, it would be useful for the mechanic to know.

I once had a problem with a Mercedes, which started when hot or cold fine, but sometimes was a problem when it was merely warm.

Omg21 has a good point - I'd overlooked a fault in the safety overlock system - should be easy and cheap to fix.

Is it one of the motors where you need to depress the clutch fully, whether you are in gear or not, before the starter will operate? If it is, you are not pressing the clutch fully to the floor.  

Crossed post with Omg21. I was typing then logging in. 

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