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Ringgo Parking App

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smurfchops | 20:00 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Motoring
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Is it easy to use and is it safe?  I understand you have to put your credit card details in when you register.  I am not very technical. 



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Ringgo is safe if you download ihe app from the official Google Play Store or Apple Apps.

You need to register a bank card so that payment can be taken. 

I am aware of a scam where fraudsters are putting their own QR codes over the genuine ones on parking machines but I don't know how common that is. 

I use it regularly and no problem. Good advice though not to use a QR code but to down load it from Apple/Google.  And do so at home where you can set it up with your details rather than doing it in the car at the car park.

You will need your car registration and your bank card. When asked, you need to allow the app to know your location then when you park it knows where you are making it even easier to use.

The RingGo app is perfectly safe. If you're putting it onto your phone, you might also like to put the MiPermit app on too, as they're the joint most commonly used ones by councils and other car park operators. (I've also got PayByPhone and PopPay on mine, which a few operators use).

One of the best things about paying with an app is that you can extend the parking period when you're on the other side of town from the car park, saving you from having to race back there. 

A very good and safe system of parking payments. Be very careful when you join that you ensure that the site is the correct one ie Ringgo.  There are similar, some legitimate, but make sure you have the correct one.  User friendly in use.

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Ringgo Parking App

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