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Prince Andrew

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maggiebee | 13:21 Wed 21st Dec 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Prince Andrew: The Musical, all singing, all dancing (none of the sweating). Thursday 29th Dec at 9 pm on Channel 4 & All 4. Will you watch this?


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Crass all round then.
crass comment?
jamais - jamais ! - - noooonca then ( e poi)

AB certainly isnt- - - over-wordy

oh yeah and then the scene where he forgets his de-oderant, and the chorus shimmy at him ( sort of waggle at him and step forward) and he leaves the stage, to the song - - " Bad bet - no sweat"

Intermission and the audience are invited to the icecream booth redecorated as Andy's Sweat-Shop, selling lollipops with paper covers proclaiming - "Lick now!" and others labelled Prince's Pines
(er redistribute the vowels)

"Altogether, a wholesome entertainment" FT Theatre correspondent
as above the ad says
29th Thur 9 pm

I have seen the ad for it - it is absolutely gross ( skew wigs and off key singing). " I have aced it - I have spaced it" for THAT interview

Further to my own script - see above - which is less spoofy than the real thing - I have - - - - inserted - - -a scene where the youg cast member opens a birthday card - and breaks into
I am 14, going on 15...
whilst Andie does a vontrapp ( Papa of course) impression and german lederhosen birdie dance

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Prince Andrew

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