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Strange Choices For Narration

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Mozz71 | 19:10 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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Just listening to Radio 5, and they've just started a documentary about the disappearance of Shergar. You'd have thought they'd have plenty of horse racing types to choose from to narrate the show, but instead someone decided that the perfect person for the job was...

...Vanilla Ice.

Can anyone think of anyone less appropriate for a voice over job than that?


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Magnum PI via Zoom, could be Fab.
If only it had been about Des(s)ert Orchid, could have been perfect choice.
Yes, or Mystic Meg? lol.
Clare Balding - she may well know what happened.

Apparently, the owners got a ransom message attached to a severed leg, "Send one point five million sterling or this horse never races again."
Well who would have thought ex footballer Dion Dublin would present Homes Under The Hammer?

He's excellent, so it was a masterstroke.
Less appropriate, Mozz? Jimmy Clitheroe maybe?
Marcel Marceau?
is he that (c)rapper geezer?
He is a rapper yes, see my link above.
TTT; every time you hear the word 'culture' you reach for your gun. Or am I wrong? :-)
no one mentioned culture and I'd defy anyone to give such a label to (c)rap!
A talking ice cream?
All I can say is, he must have a good agent.
I know what you mean, the BBC has a history of doing strange things.
I would have chosen Princess Anne.
She doesn't need the work
But she has the face for horse voice overs Hoppy
// Apparently, the owners got a ransom message attached to a severed leg, "Send £1.5m this horse never races again."//

time to rehearse the Shergar stories -
when he was taken - apparently the gang did not have a stable-lad ( this is Oireland of course) - the horse panicked and they had to shoot it. The stable lad would know how to pacifiy the gee-gee

it ended up therefore in N I take aways.....Horse flesh - never been keen on it

There was a phone in with Gerry Adams and someone really did ask him " what did Shergar taste like?" - Gerry wasnt a great one for a sense of humour

//I would have chosen Princess Anne//
didn't know she was a rapper

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Strange Choices For Narration

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