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The Umbrella Academy is brilliant.
22:31 Fri 01st Mar 2019
The photographer of mauthausan,it’s brilliant
There are some good films in the Based on True Stories section. Also I really liked the TV series Bloodline with Sissy Spasek. It's a family drama set in Florida.
And of course Breaking Bad - excellent and utterly addictive !
Jack Ryan

But that’s only because if you watch very closely and squint a bit you might see me in a couple of scenes.... unless they were cut lol
Loved bloodline. The Sinner is good. Currently watching Wanted. It's ok.
Sex Education?
White Collar
The Last Kingdom - stupendous - but you've probably seen it already
I really liked the first series of Sinner Sharon. Looking forward to the second.
Yes, enjoyed all those, have seen Mad Men ? Loved that. Also Narcos 1,2 and 3
Ozark is good and English

I like Fauda BUT modern hebrew and arabic
they say english as a third language but that is only because someone says 'yeah!' in episode 5

just call saul ( how saul goodman from breaking bad got like that )

Black Crows - arabic again - propaganda from Saudi - a LOT of throat cutting etc within ISIS' own ranks.

Berlin Dogs - German and Turkish this time

La Mante - French


any (not quite) narco-corrida - a lot of drug cartel films
Chapo - eenside the Mehican Drog Carrtel
La Reina Negra - ze black weedow - she leeedal!
any of number of them

have fon!
Me too Rosie29!
I really enjoyed Billions.
The Umbrella Academy is brilliant.
I've only just recently joined Netflix, so far have watched 'Taken', 'The Ballad of Buster Scrubbs' and we are half way through Season 3 of 'Better Call Saul'. Having watched B.C.Saul seasons 1 and 2 previously on CDs, Season 3 is the best yet.
Wonder why I waited so long to join.
Designated Survivor Kiefer Sutherland.2 series
Suits .8 series
We just watched Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris', Highly recommended fun and joy.
Where do people get so much time to get embroiled in so much TV ?
I know a lot on AB are so many retired dinosaurs but the tube gets warmed up for the 10pm News and then it's retirement for me. I really have better things to do and most of the offerings on the channels are dire imo.
Black Mirror is intriguing. I found the film "Bird Box" well worth watching.
"I really have better things to do"
...good old Xtube eh RC ;-)

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