Roasting Anne Frank, How Low Can You Go Netflix?

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ToraToraTora | 11:41 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Leaving aside my disdain for all this "roasting" lark, this is right over line.


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worlds going mad...sad !
Too soon? They see a way to make cash from the attic.
A roast tends to get a right to reply from the willing participant. This is more of a black comedy thing. I think one is simply giving publicity by complaining and ought to just ignore it if not to your taste.
Obviously, the 'roasting' label makes it clear what the format is going to be - the simplist thing is, if you don't like this type of humour, don't watch it.

I am interested in the point made in the link that three of the protagonists are Jewish - the apparent inference being, if Jews think it's funny, it must be funny.

That argument is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese - next thing, the writer will be saying that some of his best friends are black / gay / transgender / hndicapped - whatever other persecuted minority he/she can think of to bolster his/her own personal achingly obvious right-on-ness.

Piffle - best ignored.
crass - Nigh

oh no no nigh - you are being to hard on yourself !

TW3 ( as 3T would say - TWfree - once is enough !) was criticised as being disrespectful and beyond the pale and now .... and the musical springtime for Hitler
I mean do we always have to be respectful to our leaders?
the queen, mrs may, st Nige ( of course ! ) nigh, (easily the most intelligent person on the planet, a deep thinker, someone to be listened to and not questioned, etc ) etc.....
andy, no, I think the inference is that the Jews are making a point, and not a bad one. Just why are there so many documentaries about Hitler? Have they all got something new to say, or is he just good box office? What did FDR do to avert the Holocaust? Is it true that Jews are expected to laugh through pain? (Springtime for Hitler might be a good example.)

Even if you have a readymade answer to all these questions, I don't think it's wrong to ask them.
Haven’t read, won’t read. Poor child is well out of this miserable malarkey.
Haven't heard that word 'piffle' for
ages, good woody word from Andy-Hughes.
jno - // Is it true that Jews are expected to laugh through pain? (Springtime for Hitler might be a good example.) //

Springtime for Hitler has nothing to do with Judaism, or Nazi-ism, it's a satire on the workings of Broadway - the notion that if you make something tasteless enough in the sure and certain hope that it will flop, and it still becomes a hit, that satirises the entire entertainment industry with regards to Broadway.

The fact that the subject matter was Hitler was purely designed to offend people into not buying tickets, and of course, it failed.

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Roasting Anne Frank, How Low Can You Go Netflix?

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