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Does Anyone Like Dark Chocolate?

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bluefortress | 20:02 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone here prefer dark chocolate?

Serious question.



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I buy dark chocolate as I can only manage to eat 2 pieces, whereas if I buy milk chocolate I eat it much quicker.

Both Lidl and Aldi do very nice 85%. The Lidl is creamier. They are cheap too...£1 less than lindt. 

Yes love it. Just going to have 2 squares with salted caramel nibs

Dark chocolate, the darker the better, is the only chocolate I will eat.

Bought some Bourneville(fond memories from my childhood) for the first time in many years a few months ago and threw it away - horrible since Cadburys was sold.

I haven't had Bournville for decades.

Lidls J D Gross2 came out as the best on a survey beating all the expensive ones.  My favourite now is the dark choc with salted caramel bits.


I also only tend to eat only 85% cacoa, but i ration myself to 2 squares a day!  occasionally i might add 1/2 square broken in tiny peices to my porridge!


I sometimes eat a bit of dark chocolate but my taste buds have been spoiled by eating milk chocolate. 😁

Lidl 85% is just delicious.  

And dark chocolate is good for you too!  But that's not why I like it.

Absolutely love dark chocolate. The darker, the better. Love Bourneville but other brands are also eaten frequently at Chez 4155.

what did the world eat before salt and caramel got together? It feels like it was quite recent.

I dislike salted caramel but love salted chocolate

I like all chocolate, except 100% cocoa chocolate bars. Those are too much and get eaten over a long period due to, it was bought and oight not be wasted.


Love me some Bournville from time to time.

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Does Anyone Like Dark Chocolate?

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