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Old Geezer..suggestion

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Vagus | 10:12 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Last night we had a meal which may suit your current low carb diet, it's a particular favourite of ours, no recipe for it, it just evolves to suit.

Fry some bacon or lardons, maybe three or four rashers (more or less, depending on your requirements), then slice two red onions (other colours are available) and add them to the pan to soften. Chop some tomatoes (I had four very large vine ones to use up)throw them in and add a tin of chopped tomatoes (I use tinned cherry tomatoes simply because we like them). Then add balsamic vinegar, I used about four tablespoons last night but it's whatever you like, a small amount of salt bearing in mind the bacon, and some pepper, all to your own taste. Maybe half a teaspoon of sugar to bring out the tomatoes flavour but not necessary. Let it all bubble away for a bit.

Cook some pasta (I don't do much, just enough for a small portion each, if there's four of us I do a lot more pasta for the same amount of sauce) and add that to the pan.




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All good until the pasta, it depends how many carbs he allows himself to eat.

Have you tried adding a few basil leaves?

Question Author

Indeed Barry, that's why it's easy to adjust to suit.

No, I rarely buy fresh herbs unless for a particular recipe, this one I usually have all the ingredients in the cupboard or freezer and can throw it together as and when we fancy it.

Sounds nice. Thanks.


Yes I avoid pasta (along with potato, rice, bread, etc.) but do I have zero of them ? No. For example, I had a little sourdough toast this morning (it is an exception) and get served the occasional sweet potato.


I know I'm probably way overreacting because, well, 'better safe than sorry', but I've tried to limit myself to 20 gms of carb per meal since the start of last year, but usually will end up going just over. (No maths are done on trips to the Indian restaurant.)

For a true low carb diet, there are options such as zoodles(zucchini noodles),cauli rice/mash or roast cauli, celeriac mash, or black bean or edamame noodles. Also...added sugar would be a no no.

I'd have this recipe on cheesy cauli mash.

Cheers. Always concerned that celeriac might taste like celery  and we all know how Yuk! that tastes. So I've never tried it. However I have had Konjac noodles a number of times. They are ok, but IMO best with a minced meat dish.

Question Author

Ooh, celeriac mash is really nice, it does taste a bit of celery but not much.

The good thing about this meal that I've posted is it can and should be adjusted to suit whoever is making it. I've made it for the vegans and vegetarians in the family, left out the bacon and added in butter beans.

I always add a little sugar, and I mean a little, to tomato dishes as I think it really brings out the tomato taste.

I just had celeriac mash last week for the first time in ages. It's 'ok'...have to figure out what to do with the rest of the root. Maybe chips.

Question Author

Yep, I bet that would work pasta.

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Old Geezer..suggestion

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