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Does Anyone Like Dark Chocolate?

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bluefortress | 20:02 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone here prefer dark chocolate?

Serious question.



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dark chocolate is sort of the default, isn't it? Otherwise it's called milk chocolate or white chocolate.

I prefer milk myself.

Yes, some people must do or they couldn't sell it. the moment there's a Waitrose No.1 90% bar on the go!

Not one of my faves, but I like it on my Fry's chocolate cream bar!!!



Yes up to 85% cocoa.  Yummy.  

Yes. Can't stand white chocolate. Prefer crisps.

Yeah love it, technically most milk chocolate doesn't even qualify as true chocolate anyway.

I used to love Cadbury's milk chocolate but it changed and became plasticy. I don't eat much chocolate at all now but occasionally will buy a block of Green and Black's dark chocolate.

Yes agree with Sharon, around a fondant mint cream (After Eight for eg) on it's own nice as well but prefer Milk type.

Dark is all I eat...85% and above. Anything else tastes sweet. I go through several bars a week.

Yes I do.Lindt 90 percent.


Dark chocolate  for me - I tend to find milk chocolate a bit sickly.
Having said that, I do like Galaxy Caramel 😋

I don't, bluefortress, in fact I distinctly dislike it.  My mother loved it and so, fortunately does OH.  I can't stand  white chocolate either.

It's dark chocolate only for me.  Even as a child I preferred Cadbury Bournville and Peters chocolate.  I eat a couple of dark choc squares from Lidls after dinner every night.  Don't like milk choc at all.

Cadbury Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate 

Love it .

I eat dark chocolate Kitkats regularly but  can't stand the milk chocolate ones.  As for white chocolate.....  yuk. 

I do rather like lindt white...when I want tooth ache!

Greeen&Blacks 85%dark for me every time,best thing is it's also good for you.

> Does anyone here prefer dark chocolate?

Yes, definitely.

If we're looking at cheap and easy (Tesco sourced) chocolate then I prefer Lindt 85%, 90% and 80%, in that order.

The 80% is a little bit on the sweet side. Bourneville is far too sweet for me ... 

My usual accompaniment to dark chocolate is red wine ...

Love Bournville dark chocolate 

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Does Anyone Like Dark Chocolate?

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