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Thick European Hot Chocolate

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Prudie | 20:53 Tue 21st Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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A very few times I've ordered hot chocolate in a cafe on holiday in Spain or Italy rather than what we usually get it has turned out to be a most delicious thick dark gloopy cup of something more like a hot chocolate sauce (quite different to normal). Does anyone know what I mean and does it have a name or different process? It's heavenly.


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Simply add some cornflour (or, as it's called on this US website, 'cornstarch'):
Yuk. I thicken gravy with that. Don't fancy it in hot chocolate though.
It has no flavour it works fine.
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I can see it could be cornflour, thought it would be something more complicated, I might try the Italian recipe.
Oh lordy...this French recipe looks good. It uses dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Also milk...and cream. I'm going to try it!
and use a not-too-sweet cream....The Neths does an amazing Chocolade warme mit slagroom - to die for. (They don't have much else other than some of their breads).
Yes I know it has no flavour and works fine thank you mamya, I use it.
I'd probably leave the sugar out.
OMG pasta, that's what you call a hot chocolate. Will be trying it. Thank you.

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Thick European Hot Chocolate

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