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Baking - Rubbing In Butter To Flour For Cakes

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barry1010 | 09:09 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Such an easy thing to do, but can be time consuming.  What is the best gadget to use for this, or is it always better by hand?

I usually use butter but sometimes use a 'baking spread'.



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Kenwood Chef with K whisk.

Works a treat.

what cakes are you making that require rubbing?

Cakes are normally creamed and scones and biscuits are rubbed.

A food processor would make short work but you will need block butter for proper rubbing and it needs to be cold

By the time you've used a food processor and then washed and dried it, I think rubbing in by hand is actually quicker unless you're doing a vast quantity.

Do you mean for pastry or scones, rather than cakes?

Someone I knew always used a fork.

By hand

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Fruit cake from an old Good Housekeeping cookbook - I've been making it for decades.  Very similar to this one except I use 2 eggs and soak the fruit in whisky for a day or two

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I've got to make 8 on Saturday

you could try this

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That would be perfect, or at least worth a try, Helen.  Thanks.  

Due to having eczema on my hands and not wanting to contaminate my baking, I do the following.  Cut up the required butter/lard/margarine into small chunks then add to the flour and use a strong fork to work it in.   I'm told my pastry is great!

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Thanks, jazz, but I think that would be very hard work for 8 cakes 

I use a small food processor all the time for these jobs great machine. Don't need to spend a fortune small one does same job. Very useful for various other things.

I would put in microwave for afew seconds to soften it and it will mix in easily. I'm a chef .

I always used a blender like in Helen's link. Started using when still in the states...hard to find when we arrived here. Then I stopped making pastry so didn't need one...though I may still have mine hidden away somewhere. 

I've used a pastry blender as Helen suggested for years.

Works a treat.

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Baking - Rubbing In Butter To Flour For Cakes

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